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BoatKleen is a remarkable eco-friendly hull cleaner that is made in the UK from all natural ingredients which dislodges and takes off soiling and biofouling without killing anything.

Hull Cleaner

This hull cleaner contains no bleach, biocides, or acids and is a safe yet powerful pH-neutral cleaning chemical that uses nano-energy packages to penetrate deeper and clean better than most other products.

Readily biodegradable and safe as effluent in drains or a water course, this remarkable product is nearly odourless, certified as food safe for humans and both plant safe and pet safe.

Useable across many yacht and shipboard tasks in addition to hull cleaning in dry dock like engine room degreasing and cleaning, deck cleaning, and cargo hold or tank cleaning where a cargo of food grade products is to be taken on board.

Hull Cleaner

BoatKleen is great for both environmentally conscious yachtsmen, barge owners, marine engineers, crew working on bilge or tank cleaning, offshore oil platform and gas rig deck and wellhead equipment degreasing and cleaning or cleaning fenders, slipways, and harbour steps.

Hull Cleaner

Just let the tide do the rinsing for you knowing the product is entirely safe in water! Download the safety data sheet here.

Please contact us to find out more about this hull cleaner and how it can help you, buy from a reputable chandler or on-line on our website for quick delivery here.

Our phone number is 01324 309100 and email is info@acute.uk.com

Hull Cleaner


BoatKleen is a fantastic choice for cargo hold cleaning and other vessel cleaning tasks like engine room cleaning or degreasing tasks on offshore oil rigs and gas platforms.

Manufactured in the UK from all-natural oleo chemicals, and containing no petroleum-derived products, organic solvents, acids, biocides, bleaches, or alkalis, BoatKleen hold cleaning chemicals are a pH-neutral specialist detergent that is also a food-grade product.

Hold Cleaning Chemicals

Deck crews and cleaning operators do not need to wear any items of PPE when using BoatKleen, indeed, it is also true to say they could drink it!

Because the product is both readily biodegradable and safe for discharge in a water course or drains, it is a great boat bottom cleaner for yachts, cargo ships, warships, and ferry boats.

How Do These Hold Cleaning Chemicals Work?

The aqueous cleaning solution utilises nano-energy packages to swiftly penetrate grease, dust, grime, algae, and dirt to dislodge it by breaking the surface tension bonding muck to the surfaces to be cleaned.

Hold Cleaning Chemicals

The speed and effectiveness of BoatKleen as a marine chemical cleaner really must be seen in action to be believed. It penetrates and levers off great quantities of soiling rapidly and yet very safely also so that it is ready to be rinsed off.

BoatKleen leaves a surface (metal, glass, concrete, stone, or timber) so clean that marine algae or grime will accumulate noticeably less easily – saving you effort later on and if used as a boat hull cleaner reduces biofouling to save fuel.

The product is available as ready to use strength in 5 or 20 litre jerry cans and can also be purchased as concentrate in 10 litre or 1000 litre IBC tanks – please enquire.

Apply a generous amount of cleaner by extending pole brush or power washer sprayer, if possible, agitate on the substrate of the cargo hold’s sides and base, and then wash off with sea water or fresh water by hose.

Effluent of BoatKleen is harmless in sea or river water and carries no warning symbols but some of the dirt washed off from previous cargoes may mean effluent cannot be discharged at sea.


A cutting-edge, marine-safe, and innovative hold cleaning chemical with multiple uses from the galley to the bilges and the engine room, BoatKleen saves environmental worries, your health, time, stress, and fuel. Ask for a sample today or place an order!

Call +44 1324 309 1000 or email: info@acute.uk.com

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