News Of Cleaning Products And Gear

Cleaning Equipment For Hire

We are pleased to offer diesel power washers and carpet extractor cleaning machines for hire in the area around central Scotland, get in touch or download our hire rates price list here.

Vehicle Cleaning Trolley

Pressure Washers With Convenience

Using a bowser pressure washer for sale means that you have you water with you in an onboard tank of either 120 or 150 litres!

Bowser Pressure Washer For Sale

A Reach And Wash System Makes It Easier!

With our professional reach and wash system range of telescopic pole brushes and high-pressure rotary surface cleaners you will find cleaning quicker and easier.

Reach And Wash System

We also supply window cleaning trailers and robust gutter vacuums.

Clean Your Composite Decking For Safety

It is now the autumn/winter time of year, and it is a good idea to use a composite decking cleaner like our DeckKleen product to rid your garden or restaurant’s decking of slippery algae. Give it a try.

Composite Decking Cleaner

New Packaging For StoneKleen Launches

Natural Stone Cleaner Chemical


High Pressure Extending Pole

New! A high-pressure extending glass fibre telescopic pole that comes in four sections extending to 25 feet or 6.9 metres, the pole’s weight on its own is 4.7kg – can have 12” flat surface rotary cleaner mounted on the end.

Travel Cleaning Show – Luton 14th September

Come and see cleaning innovations to make cleaning of rolling stock, buses, and aircraft quicker and safer!

Carpet + Upholstery Cleaning For Aircraft & Trains

With our fantastic new metal tubular handle the extractor carpet cleaner fits perfectly down narrow aisles and is far more robust!

Carpet Cleaner For Trains And Aircraft

Travel Cleaning Show 2023 Will Showcase The World’s First Smart Low-Height Industrial Cleaning Robot

We are pleased to announce that we will have the Swiss-made Kemaro K900 robotic floor cleaning robot join the Travel Cleaning Show 2023, courtesy of Crescent Industrial, the leading industrial floor cleaning equipment UK supplier.

Cleaning robot in action sweeping up litter and trash on a warehouse floor

Saving airport, bus, and rail station operators time and effort, the K900 fully autonomous robot floor sweeper is a high performance industrial unit with an exceptionally low profile, making access and cleaning quicker and easier

Using A Rotary Surface Cleaner On JCB Excavator!

How To Remove Rust Stains From Paintwork

In our latest video we are excited to see how a melamine magic sponge disc combined with a cordless buffing machine effortlessly removes iron stains and rust marks – using no chemical at all!

Come To The Travel Cleaning Show!

A brand new event dedicated to cleaning systems and product for rail, bus, trams and aircraft cleaning will be held in Clerkenwell London 14th to 16th March 2023; please come and see our range for your self.

The Travel Cleaning Show

Hand Tools By Sartra

These excellent quality tools like litter pickers and yard brooms offer useful and great value products for cleaning and grounds maintenance! Have a look at the full range of landscaping tools.

Yard Broom

Diesel Pressure Washer And Chewing Gum Remover – Book A Demo

Chewing Gum Remover Tool

TrainKleen Trolley Guide Video:

New Carpet Cleaner Launched

Prochem Galaxy

We have launched the Prochem Galaxy commercial carpet cleaning machine as a new product! This is just 40cm wide and perfect for the aisle of coaches on trains and trams and yet offers a 150psi pump within a light and compact extractor machine.


Greggs Free Food VoucherAugust Greggs Food Offer

If you place an order over £200 value in August 2022, we will send you a £5 e-voucher that you can spend at Greggs the Bakers! Just email us at when you order with the subject ‘Greggs’ to claim and enjoy!

TrainKleen TrolleyGreat Value Pump Sprayer With Extending Pole Brush Kit

This softwashing trolley is perfect for use by contractors utilising a lithium-ion battery that keeps pumping for up to 12 hours! Combined with a water fed brush it is perfect for cleaning trains, buses and other vehicles with our cleaning chemicals that do not need to be collected as effluent!

NauticOil Marine Engine Oils Range Is Launched.

Offering good value British made marine lubricants for outboard and inboard super high performance diesel engines or petrol engines, the NauticOil range includes 10W 30 grade, 15W 40 oils for diesel engines and ship oil at SAE 30 with TBN of 14 for 4 stroke and 2 stroke trunk picton engines.

Ship Oil Supplier

New Packaging For Marine Algae Remover!

We are pleased to now have new packaging for the popular and effective slipway cleaning chemical that is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-polluting in any marine environment:

Marine Algae Cleaner        Marine Algae Cleaner

Our Sister Company – NauticOil

We are pleased to launch a new range of marine engine oils for outboard motors and inboard engines that is suitable for Cummins, DAF, MTU, Volvo Penta and Caterpillar Euro 6 diesel engines – please have a look at

Marine Oil

Cleaning A Ship’s Cargo Hold Video

We recently found this interesting video of the ins and outs of cargo hold cleaning on a bulk carrier vessel – it is very interesting – thank you for this Chief MAKOi !!

Keeping Our Seas Safe – Bilge Pumping Video

DW have recently launched an interesting video about the issue of ships letting oily bilge water out while at sea. Do you need highly effective and marine safe boat cleaner? We can help with our all-natural BoatKleen product.

Clear Is The New Green

Due to a steep rise in the price of coloured dye we are supplying our BuildKleen nano-tech chemical concentrate product in clear in order to keep prices the same.

pH Neutral Natural Stone Cleaner

Boat Wash Marine Cleaner

Spring is here and the call of the waves will be strong but is your boat hull free of biofouling to give you best fuel efficiency?

Boat Wash 5 Litre

Download the technical data sheet for this boat wash marine cleaner and restorer here.

How To Clean A Slipway Video

Watch this video to find out how to apply the remarkable marine-safe marine algae cleaner product.

Glensanda Quarry Happy With Marine Algae Cleaner

We thrilled to hear from the harbour master at this colossal quarry that our marine algae cleaner is working well for them! Have a look at the Aggregate Industries video about Glensanda Quarry here:

BuildKleen Concentrate Is Launched In 10 Litre Size

We are pleased to now offer our professional trade BuildKleen food-safe and pH neutral natural stone cleaner chemical as a concentrate option in 10 litre jerry cans. This give trade exterior cleaning contractors the option of a lower price per litre and also so you can dilute at your chosen rate with water. See all our outdoor cleaning products and chemicals.

Natural Stone Cleaner Concentrate              Roof Cleaner Chemical

New Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Please have a look at the rugged Yanmar diesel hot pressure water and gutter cleaning vacuum kit on the website as our range expands from professional knapsack sprayers to softwash trolleys and a new nano-tech mountain bike cleaner chemical product.

Diesel Hot Pressure Washer                             Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Kit

Documentary Video About Toxic Chemicals And Our Soil

Do you enjoy organic-grown food? Have a concern about climate change data and cleaning with biocides and sodium hypochlorite? See this interesting German video about how damaging common pesticides can be:

Masonry Cleaner Tests On Century-Old Wall

This image shows the striking power of BuildKleen cleaner chemical to cut through algae, weathering and dirt on the test strip in the centre of the wall:

Masonry Cleaner

K-Rend Cleaner Project Case Study

Some interesting images have been submitted of a K-rend cleaner project taking place in Wales this month:

Render Cleaning Chemical

Introducing… BikeKleen!

A fantastic nano-tech mountain bike cleaner chemical, BikeKleen is an outstanding and very safe product that eases the burden of keeping your motorbike or bike clean by dislodging mud, grime, traffic film, and oil stains safely and quickly.

Mountain Bike Cleaner

The Many Uses Of BuildKleen

As well as being a high performance masonry cleaner chemical, BuildKleen is a excellent oil stain remover and pigeon poop cleaner where its notable cleaning power and the outstanding product safety is a winner for cleaning contractors and DIY users.

Oil Stain Remover

Petrol Powered Sweeper For RenderKleen

This neat attachment means that a Stihl KombiTool strimmer or a Makita brush cutter can be used as a wall brush to quickly agitate the algae clean K Rend product to quickly activate and scrub the eco-friendly chemical to the best effect! Call us to enquire further.

K Rend Cleaner Tool Sweeper

Hotel Clean In Hampshire

Algae Remover

Thank you for trialling our all-natural algae remover product BuildKleen at a #buildingclean recently! No smell, no biocides, no acids, and both pet friendly and food-safe. With all building site cleans its wise to be prepared, we recommend Rapid Covid Supplies for Covid Rapid Test Kits to buy online.

Algae Remover For Slipway Proves Ideal

Thanks to Gavin for providing us an image from a recent visit to the Channel Islands where our marine algae remover is doing a great job on coastal and port infrastructure cleaning:

Algae Remover

Air Conditioning Unit Cleaner Chemical

You have to get your hands dirty sometimes to test the performance of BuildKleen for yourself! Great to see this Lennox ACU clean up well very quickly today without any need for pressure washers or even water!

Air Conditioning Unit Cleaner Chemical

Portable Diesel Water Heater Now Available

Improve your results and lower the usage of cleaning chemicals by using hot water for cleaning and pressure washing tasks with this Heatwave portable diesel water heater module built in stainless steel with handles – it is a perfect portable diesel water heater system for pressure washing or cleaning.

Portable Diesel Water Heater

Building And Window Cleaning Equipment Now Supplied!

We are excited to now launch a comprehensive range of carbon fibre pole fed brushes, flat surface cleaners and complete starter kits with pump trollies, hoses and stiff telescopic pole brushes as the recommended AcuteClean battery or petrol engine powered pump kits to apply our industry-leading chemicals. See more here.

Exterior Cleaning Chemicals Application Kit

Render Cleaning – Good Results!

We are pleased to share an image of the large test patch clean we undertook in recent weeks here – nanoenergy cleaning certainly works with very tough-to-remove soiling and no odours and no danger to operators.

Cleaning Red Algae

Cladding Cleaning On PortaKabins

Now that we are in our new offices at Westland House, 14 Inchyra Road, Grangemouth, FK3 9XB we decided to try out our new pole-fed brush and backpack pump with the RoofKleen product – great results we are pleased to say!

PortaKabin Cleaning Chemicals

How To Clean Red Algae From Render

We recently begun a project in the glorious Scottish sunshine cleaning streaks of red algae from a stunning countryside cottage near the Avon Gorge. This involved us spraying the walls with our RenderKleen product and then brushing in alternatively with soft then stiff bristled brushes.

This is a simple process for which we had no more equipment than a hose, sprayer and brushes – certainly a pressure washer would have been handy – but it shows how the RenderKleen can work well and quickly! We had no gloves, masks, goggles as the food-safe standard means none of it was needed so we could work in comfort and enjoy the weather and results!

Cleaning Red Algae

Marine Algae Cleaner In The Channel Islands

Thank you Port of Jersey authority for sharing an image of the marine algae cleaner at work!

Port of Jersey Marine Algae Cleaner

Large London House Roof Clean Project

A substantial property in N2 area is benefiting from treatment with our RoofKleen product to bring up the roof tiles restored to clean condition for years to come.

Roof Cleaning London

Algae Cleaner For Decking Project Completed:

DeckKleen is an impressive algae cleaner for decking that effortlessly cleans and restores wooden, composite and Millboard decking as you can see from this project recently undertaken on a charitable basis in East Kilbride.

Algae Cleaner For Decking

The Ultimate Slipway Cleaner Chemical

All over the UK and Channel Islands customers are proving the value of Marine Algae Cleaner as the ultimate eco-friendly slipway cleaner chemical that safely disperses the menace of marine algae on slipways and steps and is also perfect for cleaning boats. Want to know more or need a sample? Call us on 01324 309100 or email

Slipway Cleaning Chemical

Cleaning Walls With Spray-Applied Eco-Friendly Cleaner

We were out it sunny Fife today and demonstrated the sheer cleaning punch and yet remarkable safety of our RoofKleen product on this wall – we sprayed, briefly brushed and hosed down what was very dark grey / almost black:

Concrete Cleaner

BuildKleen Put Through Its Paces As A Copping Stones Cleaner

These images – kindly donated by MJM Pressure Washing – show a before – during – after images of the copping stones on a wall being cleaned with the assistance of a power washer – using BuildKleen masonry cleaner as a pre-wash treatment.

Copping Stones Cleaner

Paving Slabs Cleaner Trials On Soiled Slabs

The difference can be clearly seen on this stretch of paving slabs and concrete kerbs on the left of the photo which were laid 26 years ago. No hose or pressure washer rinsing has been used on this clean – it would be more notable if it had been power washed after application and shows how BuildKleen cuts through soiling.

Paving Slabs Cleaner

Cleaning Exterior Cabinets With BuildKleen

The stages and results of cleaning a heavily soiled outside gas meter plastic cabinet can be seen here – this was using a generous spray with gentle agitation and wiping of the surfaces.

Cleaning A Gas Metre Cabinet

Hull Cleaning – IMOHQ Video On Problems With Biofouling:

The global shipping industry is a source of huge wealth and critical to sustaining our standard of living and moving goods around the planet but there are problems with the movement of species from say the Mediterranean to the Indo-Pacific region or just within regional areas that threaten oceanic health and bio-diversity – check out this video from the UN’s IMOHQ department to learn more:


Before And After – Slabs Cleaned With PatioKleen:

Concrete Slab Cleaner

New video launched ‘How To Clean Patio Slabs’:

We hope this brief video guide will be helpful for how to clean patio slabs using our eco-friendly PatioKleen chemical:

Marine Algae Cleaner comes out well in trial on nearby slipway:

We recently enjoyed trialling the eco-friendly Marine Algae Cleaner on a slipway in the River Forth. You can see the square that we cleaned below after a few tides had gone over it – thanks very much for the image Mr John Spruce and also for the testimonial below.

“We were most impressed by the test strip we did on our jetty which was very badly fouled, much worse than we would normally let it get.” Dalgety Bay Sailing Club, Fife, Scotland.

Marine Algae Cleaner On Slipway

New video shows how to get the best from our concrete cleaner:

We launch RoofKleen roof tile cleaner as an eco-friendly alternative to sodium hypochlorite for roof-cleaning professionals..

Roof Cleaning Chemical

20 Litre StoneKleen and BuildKleen now launched!

BuldKleen Masonry Cleaner 20 Litres

Our epic eco boat hull cleaner BoatKleen in its element..

Boat Hull Cleaner

We launch TileKleen! Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Ceramic Tile Cleaner

Eco Friendly Tile Cleaner

Our Marine Algae Cleaner – In Lovely Harbour Setting in Fife!

Slipway Cleaner Chemical

March 2021 – Cleaning An Old Sandstone Wall To Remove Algae:

Using our BuildKleen chemical applied by low-pressure sprayer with a brush on a drill and a bit of elbow grease we are pleased with the results and are convinced you will be to!

Exterior Building Cleaner

Testing BuildKleen on Natural Stone – How Water Reacts Afterwards:

We were interested that the treatment of reasonably new Indian sandstone slabs was very effective at removing the algae buildup and then has kept strikingly clean for 3 months now – also water soaks in or evaporates very differently on the area that was treated.