Hot Water System For Pressure Washing


You can improve your results and lower the usage of cleaning chemicals by using hot water for cleaning and pressure washing tasks with this Heatwave Thermo 2 module for 1 operator that is a hot water system for pressure washing.

Reduce the labour time needed on cleaning tasks by quickly cutting through the algae, dirt and fly spots with heated water from this diesel fired water heater specifically designed with compact dimensions for the exterior cleaning trade.

Product Description

Cleaning cladding, hoardings, road signs, patios, concrete or carparks becomes considerably easier when you use heated pure water through van-fitted pressure washers and crucially it is much quicker so that you can fit more cleans and more profit into a day.

Using diesel from your vehicle or a standby tank with red diesel, the Heatwave Thermo 1 hot water system for pressure washing module is safe to use with a built-in thermostat, frost stat to prevent freezing and all packaged in a rugged stainless-steel cabinet.

Heatwave Thermo 1 Module Specification – Single Operator

  • Has a 5.2kw Diesel Burner
  • Fuel Consumption is approx. 0.5 litres per hour
  • Length x Width x Height: 508mm x 203mm x 711mm
  • Weight – 32 Kilos (dry)

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