Petrol Pressure Washer Honda


Our petrol pressure washer Honda is a rugged work horse and capable of meeting the most demanding outdoor cleaning tasks like cleaning gutters, cars and vehicles, metal cladding, masonry surfaces, road signs, decking, patios, paths, kids’ playgrounds, and driveways. Perfect for decking cleaner and sign cleaning tasks as well and not dependant on a power supply.

Product Description

Using the quiet, powerful, and reliable Honda GX390 petrol engine coupled via a gearbox to an Italian Comet triple plunger pump, plus industrial grade dual lance, hose and other hardware means that this petrol pressure washer Honda is number one for commercial cleaning work, day in and day out with flat surface cleaners.

The compact yet robust trolley from Varitech enables this machine to be easily transported to and from site.

This petrol pressure washer Honda is the perfect machine for gutter cleaning applications using telescoping wands or for turbo nozzles, rotary brushes, and other attachments where single nozzles are used. The pump capacity also allows for the use of two nozzle rotary hard surface cleaners and water brooms and independent capability with frugal fuel consumption.