If you are looking for eco-friendly car cleaning products then CarKleen can offer a great option which is safe as effluent, phosphate-free, and non-hazardous.

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning

With more concerns about ‘forever’ chemicals and toxic run-off, the cleaning of cars can become a problem and pollution legislation bans detergents, degreasers, and emulsifiers from commercial car cleaning businesses or fleet operators from entering drains directly.

Although domestic car cleaning is permitted it is worth checking if your dwelling has a septic tank as some chemicals can destroy the digestor bacteria within these tanks.

For eco-friendly car cleaning with less effort, low smell, and a long-lasting clean try CarKleen, the detergent made from all-natural ingredients which is safe in drains or a water course!

Pet and plant safe, this UK-made cleaner product is suitable for a range of exterior or interior vehicle cleaning tasks and is available as a pre-diluted or as a concentrate.

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning

To use simply spray or with a low-pressure sprayer, agitate and scrub in, and then rinse off the car’s body work with plenty of cold water.

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