Exterior Cleaning Equipment For Trains


Rolling stock has an extraordinary role in today’s commuting and leisure users and works very hard; keeping trains clean takes colossal effort by hundreds of staff and so making that task easier is very useful.

Exterior Cleaning Equipment For Trains

Browse our carefully developed range of exterior cleaning equipment for trains to see how we have taken feed back from the sharp end to make our reach and wash system safe for use near overhead line equipment.

Our industry leading LiberVac range of train cleaning equipment can help with all stages of interior or exterior cleaning of rolling stock and we also have TrainKleen, an eco-friendly detergent cleaner safe in drains or a water course.

Vehicle Cleaning Trolley

TrainKleen is available as ready-to-use or as a super concentrate product for dilution to your needs for use in carriage washers, trigger sprays, or for hand bashing with or without the LiberVac equipment. See more information and buy the chemical here.

Low odour, ultra-safe, and powerful cleaning of upholstery, floors, front ends and undercarriage is possible with this remarkable product.

See a video below of the rolling stock cleaning trolley being used with our eco-friendly detergent product:

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