A top performing painted render cleaner, RenderKleen chemical goes into action and transforms your building by dislodging algae and dirt on masonry painted walls.

Painted Render Cleaner

An aqueous cleaning solution, this ultra-safe and ready to use eco-friendly render cleaner is available in 5 litre or 20 litre containers. RenderKleen is becoming more common in the trade as people prove the benefits of safety for staff, no smell, quick action and run off that is harmless to the environment, lawns, water courses or pets.

Why Painted Render?

The nano-energy dislodging action – as explained below – means that RenderKleen is a somewhat ‘penetrating’ cleaner so that under some circumstances on very dirty un-painted render, harling, roughcast or pebbledash it can soak in and bring old dirt to the surface.

With a masonry-painted render or rough casting however it is a less porous surface, and the cleaner will be stopped by the paint and then safely strips the dirt off a semi-sealed surface making it one of the best painted render cleaners that are available.

How Does It Work?

Different from most conventional cleaning chemicals, RenderKleen utilises nano-energy packages within the agent that penetrate and dislodge the algae and dirt leaving a clean painted render surface that also lasts for longer than when treated with sodium hypochlorite.

These nano-energy packages are like piranhas just milling around and waiting to attack and tear dirt away like piranhas would feed by tearing meat off the bones of their prey.

Painted Render Cleaner

Safety With Results

Non-hazardous, non-toxic with zero biocides, acids, or bleach and certified food-safe, this is one of the best-value render cleaners out there and is more sustainable and superior in results to cleaning render with bleach.

Painted Render Cleaner

Above: The 20-litre bulk version of RenderKleen painted render cleaner

Local authorities, schools and public bodies will be delighted to hear of steps taken to lower any chemical risks for external cleaning and this can be a useful factor in winning business.

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Painted render cleaner