Eco-Friendly Building Cleaning Chemicals


A fantastic bleach alternative for cleaning, TileKleen is a highly effective eco-friendly chemical that contains no acids, biocides, alkalis, or bleach and is safe in drains or a water course.

Bleach Alternative For Cleaning

Among other benefits, this means it is a toilet cleaner safe for septic tanks or biodigesters without killing the working bacteria. How many times have your wondered is toilet duck safe for septic tanks or if your fairy liquid might damage them? This is a product that is a highly effective degreaser yet is safer than fairy liquid with no warning CLP signs needed and kind to your skin, users do not need gloves or any items of PPE.

An innovative detergent cleaner that is manufactured in the UK from all-natural ingredients, DeckKleen uses nano energy packages to dislodge and loosen off staining and grime without killing anything as is the case with many harsh and caustic chemicals.

Domestic bleach is generally a 5% solution of sodium hypochlorite, while swimming pool strength sodium hypochlorite is 3 times this concentration at 14 to 15% and widely used by exterior cleaning contractors.

This extremely potent product kills off algae on render or patios but it frequently damages surrounding plants and pets or marine life, to say nothing of users, if you have smelt it, you will know that the odour is something of a natural warning sign that this is not going to be good for you!

If you are looking for a bleach alternative for cleaning due to environmental concerns then the TileKleen product is an ideal one to consider for both internal and external cleaning requirements as it is very effective and yet very safe – download the SDS data sheet here.

Bleach Alternative For Cleaning

Having almost no odour and no disinfectants, solvents, or acids, this highly innovative eco-friendly cleaner is pH-neutral, making it perfect for cleaning natural stone, concrete, composite decking, fences, and tiled floors.

TileKleen looks after both people and the planet; it can even be used safely and successfully for cleaning fabrics and carpets and is marine safe and thus great for boat cleaning, offshore oil rigs, or shipping.

BuildKleen is the same product with a different label and is available in 5 litre ready-to-use format and additionally in the following formats:

20 Litre Ready To Use – £77.00 + VAT – coverage of 48 square metres

10 Litre Concentrate – £159.00 + VAT – coverage of 260 square metres

We are a small family business offering UK wide fast delivery by courier; please get in touch with us on 01324 309100 to discuss your cleaning challenges or drop us an email to:


An outstanding eco-friendly natural stone cleaner using innovative nano technology in professional trade super-concentrated form. BuildKleen concentrate offers an excellent exterior cleaner that is perfect for cleaning masonry, stone, concrete, cladding, signs, bus shelters, fascia, gutters, patios, and driveways.

Simply dilute the concentrate at 10 to 1 with water or 15/20 to 1 with water when there is only light soiling.

pH Neutral Natural Stone Cleaner

Ideal for removing ingrained grime, dirt, traffic film, algae and oil stains from render and pebble dash, concrete slabs, natural stone, statues, or monuments.

Ultra-Safe And Odour Free

BuildKleen is a pH neutral and food-safe cleaner that is safe for pets and humans, once diluted, this product is safe even in a water course or drains and users do not need to wear PPE items.

This means that exterior cleaning contractors and users can enjoy a vastly safer cleaning product that contains no biocides, acids, alkalis, DDAC, or sodium hypochlorite with no odours and a is very pleasant product to use.

While we sell a wide range of ready-to-use products like PatioKleen and RoofKleen, the BuildKleen concentrated cleaner gives you the full power of this astonishing nano energy cleaning at a lower price per litre and the option to dilute at the rate that you wish to use.


How Does BuildKleen Work?

Using an innovative nano-tech formula, BuildKleen is a leading British cleaning product that utilises nano energy particles to penetrate underneath the soiling and algae to dislodge it.

Oil Stain Remover Concrete

This is the absolute key difference with biocides – that are basically disinfectants – as they kill algae, mould, or lichen – BuildKleen nano-tech cleaner kills absolutely nothing and yet is highly effective.

How Much Does It Cost And What Is The Yield?

BuildKleen concentrate nano-tech cleaner is packed in 10 litre jerrycans and costs £145.00 + VAT and carriage to your door. The yield is 110 litres of ready-to-use cleaner, and the coverage is approximately 260 square metres at this 10 to 1 dilution rate; the cost at this rate is around £1.32 per litre.

Natural Stone Cleaner Concentrate

Please also have a look at our professional exterior cleaning equipment like diesel hot pressure washers and long reach telescopic water fed brushes.

Please contact us to discuss your masonry or driveway cleaning challenges or to share images.

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RoofKleen is a highly effective conservatory roof algae cleaner chemical that uses nano technology in a low-odour aqueous cleaning solution that is remarkably eco-friendly and pleasant to use.

Conservatory Roof Algae Cleaner

How Does It Work?

RoofKleen contains nano-energy particles that penetrate underneath algae build-up on roofs and break the surface tension bonding soiling, dirt, and grime to polycarbonate.

This therefore dislodges and loosens the soiling so that it is easily wiped and rinsed off in contrast to biocide-based products like Wet & Forget which work by killing the algae; RoofKleen does not kill anything and it contains no biocides, no acids, bleach, corrosives, or alkalis at all.

Using all-natural ingredients formulas, this food-safe polycarbonate conservatory roof cleaner chemical is completely safe for pets or humans as well as in drains or a water course.

Conservatory Roof Algae Cleaner

Ideal for use on plastic fascia and soffits, concrete, or natural stone with powerful, non-toxic, and non-hazardous cleaning action.

How Do You Apply RoofKleen?

RoofKleen cleaner is sprayed from a heavy-duty pump action sprayer or applied via a telescopic water fed brush which is an ideal method as it combines both application and agitation.

Please apply a generous amount to heavily soiled surfaces like conservatory roofs, agitate and scrub well with a brush, wait about 10 minutes, and then rinse off with a hose or pressure washer using plenty of water.

Is This The Best Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cleaner?

While some alkaline degreaser products or biocides are cheaper, we do genuinely think that this is the best conservatory roof algae cleaner as it is fast-acting and yet run off is harmless if you accidentally drip on passers-by; it is safer than Fairy Liquid and treated roof tends to resist re-infestation.

Conservatory Roof Algae Cleaner

RoofKleen is a pleasant product to use with almost no smell and your staff need no facemasks or PPE while working with it.

Download the conservatory roof algae cleaner SDS data sheet here

Delivered in 20 litre jerry cans, RoofKleen is a ready-to-use conservatory roof algae cleaner chemical, do not dilute it unless for use cleaning just light soiling on, cladding, gutters, or downpipes.

We will be pleased to discuss any challenges that you may have.

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Ideal as an eco-friendly uPVC cleaner for window frames, gutters, soffits, gable-ends and UPVC fascia, RoofKleen is becoming the chemical of choice for eco-friendly and fast, low-odour, exterior cleaning tasks.

UPVC Cleaner

Using innovative nano-tech formulation, this eco-friendly uPVC cleaner is both safe for pets, humans, plastic and concrete surfaces, and in drains, ponds and streams as well as having powerful and non-hazardous cleaning action; it can be used inside as well.

How Does This uPVC Cleaner Work?

This stable aqueous cleaning solution has nano energy particles that strongly penetrate grime, dirt, and algae build-up and break the surface tension bonding soiling to the plastic. This therefore dislodges and loosens the soiling so that it is easily wiped and rinsed off.

Is This Different To Other uPVC Cleaners?

Yes, it is very different. Many other UPVC cleaners are based on organic solvents or else, in the case of softwashing chemicals, they are biocide-based (disinfectants) which work by killing the algae that is present.

RoofKleen does not kill anything! Therefore, it is extraordinarily safe to use. The all-natural ingredients are in a solution of water which have as the modus operandi a dislodging function to clean the uPVC substrate.

How Do You Apply RoofKleen?

This UPVC cleaner is often sprayed from a heavy duty pump action sprayer or applied via a telescopic water fed brush which is an ideal method as it combines application and agitation.

Please apply a generous amount to heavily soiled surfaces like conservatory roofs, agitate and scrub well with a brush, wait about 10 minutes and then rinse off with a hose or pressure washer.

uPVC Cleaner

Best uPVC Cleaner?

Yes we think this is the best cleaner as it is fast-acting and yet any run off of the chemical is harmless in itself and even safe in drains or if you accidentally drip on passers-by!

A pet-friendly and low odour product, this UPVC cleaner is a pleasant product to use with staff needing no facemasks or PPE items.

Download the RoofKleen uPVC cleaner SDS data sheet here

UPVC Cleaner Chemical

Delivered in 20 litre jerrycans, RoofKleen is a ready-to-use plastic cleaner chemical, do not dilute unless for light soiling on some maintenance cleaning of UPVC, cladding, gutters, or downpipes.

We will be pleased to discuss any UPVC cleaner challenges that you may have or arrange samples to try.

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Non-corrosive, non-acidic, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, this eco-friendly uPVC cleaner chemical is food safe, and is safe to use near a water course as it contains no biocides or solvents.


BuildKleen is an eco-friendly bird dropping cleaner chemical and an industry-leading concrete surface cleaner that is a perfect way to clean pigeon poop off concrete in an environmentally friendly way. Using innovative formulation, BuildKleen harnesses nanoenergy to dislodge and remove stains and poo, dirt, and algae from concrete, natural stone, wooden decking, or render.

Bird Dropping Cleaner

It does this by getting underneath the soiling and loosening it off the substrate as opposed to killing it like is the case with most biocide and disinfectant based bird dropping cleaners.

This remarkable performance means our pigeon poop cleaner chemical is astonishingly safe to the point where it is safe in drains or a water course and food safe for humans and pets. We think you will agree that a bird droppings cleaner that is 100% pet-friendly is quite an achievement! You don’t even need any PPE items.

Pigeon Poop Cleaner

When cleaning up the mess from birds, a good guano cleaner like BuildKleen is essential – its hardly a job we look forward to whether in DIY or as a pest control contractor!

Bird droppings, pigeon poop, and excrement, faeces from nesting or roosting birds can be a real pain and a risk of infection so using a low odour, non-toxic and non-hazardous yet highly effective cleaner chemical makes a lot of sense.

Download SDS data sheet for BuildKleen here.

How To Clean Pigeon Poop Off Concrete – 5 Easy Steps

  1. Brush off dried poop and loose debris from the concrete or stone wall to be cleaned.
  2. Apply from a low-pressure sprayer or via extending pole brush – DO NOT DILUTE (unless perhaps for cars).
  3. Select a manageable area to focus on, say a metre or 2 squared and apply generously.
  4. Brush in well and agitate with a stiff brush – you will see the poop, dirt, and algae start to colour the foam.
  5. Rinse off the areas treated with a hose or lightly with a pressure washer.

Repeat as needed, on very old stains, several applications may be needed. Product can also be used on weathering and algae on stone, concrete or decking.

BuildKleen is also great as a stone cleaner on churches, railway stations, tram and bus stops, war memorials, monuments, and older properties as it has all-natural ingredients and is a stable and pH neutral chemical. Can also be used on interior stone and tiled or brick walls and on limestone or sandstone floors.

Available in 5 litres (£20.00) and 20 litres (£70.00) jerrycans.

Bird Droppings Cleaner

Best Bird Dropping Remover For Cars

As a non caustic and eco-friendly car cleaning chemical BuildKleen is also ideal for cleaning of cars, four-wheel drive pickups, vans and trucks and removing bird droppings. Acts as a high-performance traffic film remover cleaner detergent with special ultra-safe formulation and all-natural ingredients which dislodges travel film, dirt, grime, flies, tar, guano, and algae from vehicles with ease.

Perfect for cleaning vehicles and trailers, fabric seats and accessories. Depending on the level of dirt present on the vehicle, here are some points to consider:

  1. Its probably easiest to spray the product with a low-pressure sprayer.
  2. This is not an acidic alloy-wheel cleaner so does not have best results with ingrained brake dust on wheels.
  3. You may want to dilute the chemical with tap water if the car is not to dirty to make it go further.
  4. Very gently brush bird poos with a stiff brush to agitate – stroke it – this helps the cleaner’s action.

Bird Dropping Cleaner

Please do contact us to discuss your specific bird poop cleaning challenges or to request samples or SDS sheets.

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pigeon poop cleaner


Sign Cleaning Chemical

Clean Signs = Safe Signs

When large road signs are indicating important exits – for example to the M6 Toll or Glasgow Airport – you want them kept in the very best condition so that headlights pick out the reflective surface at night and drivers are kept safe with much less chance of misunderstanding leading to accidents.

When commuters and tourists, families, school-run mums, and truck drivers can be confident on the road because signs are kept clean then there is a ‘feel-good’ and relaxed factor leading to safer roads for all and better maintenance.

Clean Signs = Lower Costs

When signs anywhere – roads, ports, railway and tram stations, business warehouses, universities, and schools are kept clean – you can be surer that they are not corroding, or anything peeling and excessively faded by UV.

This just makes sense for lower costs and a longer service life portraying your brand or vital highway code signage better through using our eco-friendly sign cleaning chemical

Why Do You Have Signs Anyhow?

The immediate aim of spending many pounds, euros, or dollars on your signage is to strongly project your brand message or instructions on zones like the congestion zone, slipways, roundabout exits, duty-free, and directions.

Having spent large sums on installing these signs why wouldn’t you want to keep them clean and in good condition to present branding? You certainly don’t want signs that say – for example – ‘Welcome To Surrey’ or something that are covered in filth and algae do you?!

Eco-Friendly Sign Cleaner

A Great Sign Cleaning Product – Why?

Its quite a claim to say that RoofKleen – our cladding and bus-shelter cleaning detergent is the perfect sign cleaning chemical but none the less we feel we can claim this! RoofKleen is a most remarkable entirely non-toxic, non- hazardous aqueous cleaning solution with almost no odour that is so safe to use that it is certified as food-safe! It will do no harm to you or to pets.

A highly innovative formulation uses nano-energy packages in the product to attack and dislodge grime, algae, and dirt by breaking the surface tension instead of killing the algae as happens with biocide-based exterior cleaning products.

Experience shows that as well as being pleasant to use, this is an effective hard surface cleaner that is more powerful than using de-ionised water and a quick spray from a professional knapsack sprayer then agitate and wipe off and hose down is all that is needed on these hard surfaces or for reflective road signs cleaning.

A perfect bus shelter cleaning chemical as no passengers need to worry about smells, poisons, deposits, or any kind of danger to cleaning staff whatever. RoofKleen sign cleaning chemical contains no biocides, disinfectants, bleach, acids, or alkalis. Want to know more or try a sample please get in touch?

How To Apply RoofKleen:

Use this ready-to-use strength sign cleaner without dilution by pouring on from the jerrycan or apply with a low-pressure sprayer such as is used for liquid weed killer. Saturate the sign’s surface well and then agitate with a stiff or soft brush to aid the cleaning action; rinse and wipe off to take away dislodged dirt.

SDS Datasheet Download Link For Sign Cleaning Chemical

Sign Cleaning Equipment

At Acute Build Clean we sell a range of professional exterior cleaning equipment like long reach water-fed pole brushes and pressure washers that you can see on this link and purchase online.

40 Foot Water Fed Pole Brush        Petrol Pressure Washer Honda

Talk to us further about your sign cleaning challenges today.

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You can improve your results and lower the usage of cleaning chemicals by using hot water for cleaning and pressure washing tasks with this Heatwave portable diesel water heater module built in stainless steel with handles – it is a hot water system for pressure washing or cleaning.

Portable Diesel Water Heater

Reduce the labour time needed on cleaning tasks by quickly cutting through the algae, dirt and fly spots with heated water from this diesel fired water heater specifically designed with compact dimensions for the exterior cleaning trade. You can see the smaller Thermo1 unit for installing in a van here.

Cleaning cladding, hoardings, road signs, natural stone walls, patios, concrete or carparks becomes considerably easier when you use heated pure water through van-fitted or portable pressure washers and crucially it is much quicker so that you can fit more cleans and more profit into a day.

Price To Purchase: £5350.00 + VAT

Using diesel from the onboard tank so it is completely portable or from your vehicle or a standby tank with red diesel, the Heatwave Thermo II portable diesel hot water system for pressure washing module is safe to use with a built-in thermostat, frost stat to prevent freezing and all packaged in a rugged stainless-steel cabinet.

  • Has a 9 kW double diesel burner
  • Has a 12 litre diesel tank
  • Fuel Consumption is approx. 1.1 litres per hour
  • Length x Width x Height: 508mm x 203mm x 711mm
  • Weight – 69 Kilos (dry)
  • 12v 110amp battery
  • Battery Charger

Please see our full range of biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals here.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Chemicals


Our softwash trolley enables you to complete more work in a day by utilising a high-quality lithium battery for 50% less battery weight and fast charging via digital charger that means you are independent of external power sources for up to 12 hours – a true portable softwash system.

Softwash Trolley

The robust folding powder-coated handle and frame of the trolley means it is easy to store while being transported and we offer a 50-litre version as well – the pump’s flow rate is around 3.8 litres per minute and the system comes with a short hose and application wand. The digital pump controller built into our softwash trolley gives you better control over flow-rates and up to the minute information on battery charge status.

The trolley costs £1050.00 + £11.00 carriage + VAT – you can buy it online by clicking the link on the button below:

Professional Patio Cleaner

Having Viton seals in the chemical resistant pump means that the softwash trolley can be used with several popular biocide chemicals like SmartSeal, AlgoClear or with sodium hypochlorite solution as used with some applications of render or cladding cleaning reliably with this trolley.

A more up-to-date solution however is to use our eco-friendly aqueous cleaning solution called RenderKleen or BuildKleen. This is an entirely environmentally friendly and odourless detergent cleaner that uses advanced formulation to break the bonds of algae and dirt to dislodge and remove the soiling rather than killing it.

This unique breakthrough British-made product comes at ready-to-use strength in 20 litre jerrycans and is both food-safe and with harmless run off in drains or a water course.


Softwashing Chemicals

You can download an SDS datasheet on BuildKleen here.

Buy our cutting-edge eco-friendly outside cleaning chemicals online here. Operators and staff need no PPE .

You can combine the trolley with a professional quality 22 foot carbon fibre water fed pole with a stiff brush and this gives you the complete AcuteClean application kit package for our eco-friendly render and cladding cleaning chemicals.

We offer this complete building washing kit with either a lithium battery-powered 25 litre trolley or 120 litre Honda engine petrol driven trolley system.

You can see the items of this complete kit below:

Exterior Cleaning Chemicals Application Kit



BuildKleen is an effective and highly innovative mortar and brick cleaner chemical that is very safe and contains no acids; have you heard of a brick cleaner that is food-safe before?! The product is non-hazardous and non-toxic and is certified as food safe and needs no PPE when in normal use which is a refreshing change from hydrochloric acid and the safety risks it can bring while still highly effective.

Mortar And Brick Cleaner

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly and non-corrosive cleaner, then this is a great mortar and brick cleaner for you. You can apply with a low-pressure sprayer, sponge, roller or brush and scrub thoroughly and leave for 15 minutes or so for the cleaning to take place; often needs more than one application.

A pressure washer – used carefully – can also help with stubborn or very old dirt and with removing the loose dirt after application, however a garden hose can also help a good deal as rinsing is important.

How Does It Work?

Using nano-technology energy packages this cleaning chemical penetrates deeply and dislodges algae, dirt and stains off mortar and brickwork by breaking the surface tension and lifting off the dirt – thus our expression ‘Cleans Not Kills’ because unlike biocides it does not kill anything and is pH neutral as well.

These nano-energy packages could be thought of as being like piranhas in the Amazon that are just milling around and waiting to attack and tear dirt away like piranhas would feed by tearing meat off the bones of their prey. A surface treated with this mortar and brick cleaner stays algae-free for longer and in our tests, natural stone absorbs rain water in a more natural way that is almost like ‘breathing’.

BuildKleen is a pH neutral masonry cleaner that contains:

  1. No biocides or bleach.
  2. No strong acids or alkalis.
  3. Certified as food-safe
  4. No odours

Eco friendly brick cleaners are becoming more common and BuildKleen is a good value example of this trend. It is effective as a limestone and sandstone masonry cleaner of dirt and algae as it is pH neutral. The perfect cleaner for stonework and stone statues on heritage or listed buildings with a combination of aggressive action while gentle and safe to handle and as run-off and ultra-safe food-grade safety for cleaning staff.

Mortar And Brick Cleaner

The product is supplied in 5 litre containers and 20 litre jerrycans as shown above and is at ready to use dilution for maximum convenience. To see the power and effectiveness of BuildKleen please let us know if you would like a sample by email at

How Much Does It Cost?

You can order BuildKleen mortar and brick cleaner online here – please note you can pay by card and don’t actually need to have a PayPal account.

BuildKleen 5 Litre Jerrycan:   £20.00 + VAT + Carriage
BuildKleen 20 Litre Jerrycan: £70.00 + VAT + Carriage

Mortar and brick cleaner

You will find council clients are delighted to hear of the steps you are taking to lower any chemical risks for masonry cleaning – for example near children’s play areas and it may help you win more tenders that you quote on for masonry cleaning.

Mortar And Brick Cleaner

More and more firms are looking for cleaning contractors that demonstrate care for the environment and this eco-friendly mortar and brick cleaner is a cost-effective option for you to do just that.

It is important also to rinse the area that you have treated so that ingrained dirt is carried away and this can be with a pressure washer or a garden hose. BuildKleen can be sprayed effectively but please ensure a generous quantity is in contact with the concrete that is to be cleaned and that this is both brushed in and rinsed off with generous quantity of water.

Download the BuildKleen safety data sheet here.

Contact us to discuss your needs further or to request data sheets.

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If you are looking for an outside cabinets cleaner that is highly effective at lifting dirt and soiling from a generator housing, switchgear or telecoms cabinets in powder coated or galvanised metal or plastic then BuildKleen is a great option to consider – powerful and ultra safe for cleaners.

BuildKleen is a powerful yet very safe aqueous cleaning solution using nanotechnology to swiftly dislodge years of accumulated algae, dirt, grime and weathering and perfect as a bus shelter cleaner or for rail-side or roadside cabinets, gas or water meter boxes and cabinets.

Outside Cabinet Cleaner Chemical

A highly innovative UK-produced building cleaner detergent chemical that is formulated with tiny nano-energy particles to quickly penetrate under dirt and lift it off by breaking surface tension and efficiently cleaning like few other products.

It is one of the very best bus shelter cleaners or tram station and railway station cleaners for all hard surfaces that are available. An outstandingly safe and certified food-grade chemical (by Campden BRI) that is odourless and contains no biocides, no bleach, and no acids, we supply it as a ready to use product in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans.

You can buy the 20 litre jerrycan for £70.00 + VAT + carriage online here

Outdoor Cabinet Cleaner Chemical

Application Procedure:

To apply you can pour or spray it straight onto the surface that is to be cleaned and puddle it, brush in with soft brush to agitate and wait 15 minutes before a generous rinse off with water using buckets or a hose – this will transport the loosened soiling away rather than allowing it to dry again. A pH neutral cleaner that is also safe to use on natural stone and perfect for scrubbing up the appearance of litter bins and as a salt bin cleaner.

You can be sure that workers and indeed pets or other nearby personnel are safe when BuildKleen is used as an outside cabinets cleaner and yet they will also expend less effort on cleaning and don’t need to worry about the run off as this is one of the few cleaners that are safe if discharged into a water course or drains.

Is It Really That Safe?

Yes it really is. A non-toxic and non-hazardous product – even your Fairy Liquid has hazard pictograms on it but not BuildKleen cleaner! Users of the outside cabinet cleaner do not need any PPE items although it may be advisable to wear gloves if you are in prolonged contact.

BuildKleen can also be sprayed but please ensure a generous quantity is in contact with the substrate to be cleaned.

Contact us to discuss your needs further or to request data sheets.

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Below: The 20 litre jerrycan of BuildKleen offers great value and is delivered all over the UK:

Bus Shelter Cleaner Chemical