Plant Friendly Patio Cleaner


A top-quality plant friendly patio cleaner chemical, PatioKleen is an environmentally friendly detergent product made from all natural ingredients that takes the risk out of cleaning patios for users, pets, and plants by avoiding grass die back.

The extraordinary safety standards of this patio cleaner safe for plants mean that it is a food-safe product and also safe if discharged into a water course or drains. A 5 litre jerrycan will clean approximately 12 square metres area and 20 litres around 48 square metres.

Plant friendly patio cleaner

How Does PatioKleen Work?

Using clever formulation of all-natural oleo chemical ingredients this UK-made plant friendly patio cleaner uses tiny nano-energy particles to actively penetrate underneath, loosen, and dislodge the soiling and algae. The product is at ready to use dilution so please don’t dilute it any further. Wondering how to clean a concrete patio without killing the grass? This plant-friendly patio cleaner safe for plants is the answer!

Download the PatioKleen patio cleaner safe for plants chemical SDS data sheet.

Cleans Not Kills

This is a key point of difference with almost all exterior cleaning chemicals as the vast majority are based on the killing effect of biocides – essentially disinfectants – like sodium hypochlorite (which is often triple the strength of household bleach).

Plant Friendly Patio Cleaner

This foundational difference is the reason for all the remarkable safety and makes this odourless product pleasant to use as well as effective at removing dirt. Please note: the effectiveness of PatioKleen against ‘black spot’ and ‘white spot’ – lichens that takes root in the substrate – is variable so please speak to us or submit a photo first.

The Best Way To Clean Patios – Step-By-Step

  • Brush off loose debris from the patio or driveway to be cleaned.
  • Pour on from the bottle (recommended) or apply from a low-pressure sprayer  – DO NOT DILUTE CHEMICAL.
  • Select a manageable area to focus on, say a metre or 2 squared and apply generously.
  • Brush in well and agitate with a stiff brush – you will see the dirt and algae start to colour the foam.
  • Rinse off the areas treated with a hose or lightly with a pressure washer.
  • Repeat as needed, on very old dirt and algae several applications may be needed.
  • Watch our how to clean patio slabs video guide below:

Buy PatioKleen Online:

Perfect as a plant-friendly patio cleaner for natural stone or concrete as it is all natural and pH neutral. Can also be used on interior stone and tiled or brick walls and on limestone or sandstone floors. Available in 5 litres (£24.00) and 20 litres (£80.00) jerrycans.

plant friendly patio cleaner

PatioKleen is a readily biodegradable non-toxic concrete cleaner that is safe in any watercourse or aquatic environment, this gives a whole new level of eco-protection in many types of tasks. Breaking the surface tension that bonds dirt to stone walls is not only ideal for the initial cleaning but also secures a surface that resists the re-infestation of algae or dirt gripping back on.

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PatioKleen is non-hazardous and contains no biocides, disinfectants, bleaches, acids, or alkalis meaning you can relax as it kills nothing! Please contact us to discuss your patio cleaner challenges and also see our exterior cleaning equipment range on this website.

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Plant Friendly Patio Cleaner

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