BuildKleen is an eco-friendly bird dropping cleaner chemical and an industry-leading concrete surface cleaner that is a perfect way to clean pigeon poop off concrete in an environmentally friendly way. Using innovative formulation, BuildKleen harnesses nanoenergy to dislodge and remove stains and poo, dirt, and algae from concrete, natural stone, wooden decking, or render.

Bird Dropping Cleaner

It does this by getting underneath the soiling and loosening it off the substrate as opposed to killing it like is the case with most biocide and disinfectant based bird dropping cleaners.

This remarkable performance means our pigeon poop cleaner chemical is astonishingly safe to the point where it is safe in drains or a water course and food safe for humans and pets. We think you will agree that a bird droppings cleaner that is 100% pet-friendly is quite an achievement! You don’t even need any PPE items.

Pigeon Poop Cleaner

When cleaning up the mess from birds, a good guano cleaner like BuildKleen is essential – its hardly a job we look forward to whether in DIY or as a pest control contractor!

Bird droppings, pigeon poop, and excrement, faeces from nesting or roosting birds can be a real pain and a risk of infection so using a low odour, non-toxic and non-hazardous yet highly effective cleaner chemical makes a lot of sense.

Download SDS data sheet for BuildKleen here.

How To Clean Pigeon Poop Off Concrete – 5 Easy Steps

  1. Brush off dried poop and loose debris from the concrete or stone wall to be cleaned.
  2. Apply from a low-pressure sprayer or via extending pole brush – DO NOT DILUTE (unless perhaps for cars).
  3. Select a manageable area to focus on, say a metre or 2 squared and apply generously.
  4. Brush in well and agitate with a stiff brush – you will see the poop, dirt, and algae start to colour the foam.
  5. Rinse off the areas treated with a hose or lightly with a pressure washer.

Repeat as needed, on very old stains, several applications may be needed. Product can also be used on weathering and algae on stone, concrete or decking.

BuildKleen is also great as a stone cleaner on churches, railway stations, tram and bus stops, war memorials, monuments, and older properties as it has all-natural ingredients and is a stable and pH neutral chemical. Can also be used on interior stone and tiled or brick walls and on limestone or sandstone floors.

Available in 5 litres (£20.00) and 20 litres (£70.00) jerrycans.

Bird Droppings Cleaner

Best Bird Dropping Remover For Cars

As a non caustic and eco-friendly car cleaning chemical BuildKleen is also ideal for cleaning of cars, four-wheel drive pickups, vans and trucks and removing bird droppings. Acts as a high-performance traffic film remover cleaner detergent with special ultra-safe formulation and all-natural ingredients which dislodges travel film, dirt, grime, flies, tar, guano, and algae from vehicles with ease.

Perfect for cleaning vehicles and trailers, fabric seats and accessories. Depending on the level of dirt present on the vehicle, here are some points to consider:

  1. Its probably easiest to spray the product with a low-pressure sprayer.
  2. This is not an acidic alloy-wheel cleaner so does not have best results with ingrained brake dust on wheels.
  3. You may want to dilute the chemical with tap water if the car is not to dirty to make it go further.
  4. Very gently brush bird poos with a stiff brush to agitate – stroke it – this helps the cleaner’s action.

Bird Dropping Cleaner

Please do contact us to discuss your specific bird poop cleaning challenges or to request samples or SDS sheets.

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