BusKleen Bus Cleaner Chemical



A specially formulated eco-friendly bus cleaning chemical for cleaning of coaches, single decker and double deck buses. A high-performance cleaner detergent which dislodges travel film, dirt, grime, flies, and algae from your fleet with ease.

Perfect for cleaning both vehicles, as a bus shelter cleaner, for hard floors and even fabric seats.

Product Description

This remarkable cleaning chemical is an aqueous cleaning solution which was invented in the UK and is manufactured here as well. A notable breakthrough in the use of nano-energy particles to penetrate and lift off soiling and traffic film, flies and grime by breaking the surface tension holding the dirt to the exterior.

Apply this cleaning chemical by sprayer or with hand soft brush and then gently agitate with brush to achieve a light foaming which will typically turn the same colour as the soiling. Depending on the level of dirt make several applications with a 10-minute wait and we suggest generous rinsing down with a hose or pressure washer to help carry off soiling.

An odourless, stable, and ultra-safe chemical, BusKleen is a certified food-grade product that is pH neutral and contains no biocides, disinfectants, acids, or bleach. It does not set out to kill organic growth like many other exterior cleaning chemicals but rather to dislodge it ready for rinsing off in a manner that has to be seen to be believed.

Staff working with the cleaner do not need to wear items of PPE and the packaging need carry no hazard warning pictograms – meaning it is safer than Fairy Liquid! This remarkable product is formulated in a unique manner from all-natural ingredients and used widely in the food industry for cleaning and hygiene tasks.

Is It Effective At Cleaning? Yes, it is remarkably effective and you will see a rapid dispersal of soiling which out-performs other products on heavy soiling while being environmentally friendly and safe in any aquatic environment, in drains and in a water course meaning you don’t need to be concerned about the run off from cleaning.

How Much Does It Cost? BusKleen is delivered at ready-to-use strength in 20 litre jerrycans and is delivered all over the UK – you can order online here.

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg