Diesel Hot Pressure Washer


An industrial-grade diesel hot pressure washer that can meet the most demanding of cleaning tasks such as removing graffiti or chewing gum. Uses the renowned Yanmar L100 diesel engine coupled via a gearbox to a Comet FDX triple plunger pump.

Has an industrial-grade dual lance, pressure hose, and other hardware; this diesel hot pressure washer is a reliable performer for commercial work and easy to transport.

Product Description

This Yanmar powered diesel hot pressure washer machine with Comet FDX pump can be also used as a cold-water pressure washer allowing other accessories and tasks from a powerful and rugged workhorse.

  • Maximum Rated Pressure – 200 Bar (2,800 PSI)
  • Maximum Rated Flow – 16 litres per minute / 4.2 gallons per minute
  • Maximum Rated Temperature – 140 degrees C / 284 degrees F
  • Dry weight – 210kg.
  • Electric start Yanmar L100 diesel engine with a no engine-oil safety alert.
  • Comet triple plunger pressure washer pump with unloader valve – for smooth and reliable operation.
  • Automatic decelerator to reduce number of revs in bypass phase.
  • Chemical injector on unloader with small filter attached – for outside cleaning chemicals.
  • Rugged metal trolley with 2 x 10″ pneumatic wheels, 2 x castor wheels.
  • Has 33″ Heavy-duty dual lance with a 1/4″ MEG 25 degrees fan nozzle.
  • High pressure twin wire rubber 10 metres long hose – for industrial cleaning tasks.
  • Diesel fuel tank with a level float.
  • Electronic temperature settings, vertical 2-coil boiler with stainless steel casing for longevity, with thermal protection and flame control kit.