Softwash Trolley



Our softwash trolley enables you to complete more work in a day by utilising a lithium-ion battery for 50% less battery weight and fast charging (only 3 hours) via digital charger that means you are independent of external power sources for up to 12 hours – a true portable softwash system.

Popular for remote cleaning of train rolling stock, buses, and trucks using the spray lance or pole brush to quickly dispense TFR or other chemicals.

Please watch the video below to get a better idea:

Product Description

The robust folding powder-coated handle and frame of this biocide trolley for softwashing means it is easy to store while being transported and the pump’s flow rate is around 3.8 litres per minute and the system comes with a 6 metres hose and rugged high-pressure application wand.

The digital pump controller built into our softwash trolley gives you better control over flow-rates that can be set at over 90 different rates and up-to-the minute information on battery charge status, trolley can connect directly to our telescopic water fed brush package. You can see the trolley being used as train cleaning equipment on this video:

Having Viton seals in the chemical resistant pump means that the softwash trolley can be used with several popular biocide chemicals like SmartSeal, AlgoClear or with sodium hypochlorite solution as used with some applications of render or cladding cleaning reliably with this trolley.

A more up-to-date solution however is to use our eco-friendly aqueous cleaning solution called RenderKleen or BuildKleen. This is an entirely environmentally friendly and odourless detergent cleaner that uses advanced formulation to break the bonds of algae and dirt to dislodge and remove the soiling rather than killing it.

This unique breakthrough British-made product comes at ready-to-use strength in 20 litre jerrycans and is both food-safe and with harmless run off and effluent in drains or a water course.