Pressure Washer Flat Surface Cleaner


This rugged pressure washer flat surface cleaner is 19″ or 482mm in size and allows you to clean large areas of patio, driveway or decking quickly and easily as it glides easily on four castors, uniformly cleaning with minimal use of chemicals. See our diesel pressure washer here.

The cover over the rotor is made from heavy-duty yellow ABS plastic material and metal components are made from aluminium and steel with a spray suppression brush around the edge.

Utilises the high-pressure water from a power washer to the very best effect for swift and thorough clean all hard surfaces that is easy on the power washer and ergonomic for the user.

Download the owner’s manual for this product here.

Product Description

Professional pressure washer flat surface cleaner with wheels and brush surround.

  • Maximum Rated Pressure – 285 Bar (4,000 PSI)
  • Maximum Rated Flow – 30.4 LPM (8.0 GPM)
  • Maximum Rated Temperature – 85 deg C (180 deg F)
  • Cleans up to 38 square metres per minute
  • 3/8 Female thread inlet
  • Ideal for driveways, patios, paths car parks, and other large areas

Specifications and Benefits:

  • Has 2 nozzles fitted on the rotary arm and a maintenance-free swivel.
  • The cleaning effect could be seen as like a lawn mower rotary blade but with water.
  • Four stainless steel castor wheels
  • Has a 3/8 inch NPT female inlet.
  • Shipping weight – 9.5kg
  • Has a compensating gun feature
  • Full 19-inch and 480mm cleaning means considerable time savings
  • Heavy-duty anodised aluminium arms
  • Rugged ABS cover, to withstand heavy-duty use