Window Cleaning Trailer



This window cleaning trailer is versatile and allows you to free up the load area in your van pick up a vehicle or even use a car. We can include simple de-ionising resin water filters or mini reverse osmosis filter systems installed, commissioned, and ready to work.

Includes 2 high visibility hoses on reels and TDS (total dissolved solids) meters, the trailer has a height of less than 400mm and a low centre of gravity while taking up minimal space and offers a neat system that could also be used with our eco-friendly outside cleaning chemicals.

Download a specification sheet on the trailer here.

Product Description

The 13” wheels aid ease of towing and the lockable ABS lid, gas struts, jockey wheel and tailgate mean that this is a good quality window cleaning trailer specification with modular design water tanks – please see the video below:

The tanks can also be fixed into vehicles instead of as a trailer with metal flanges. With the equipment cabinet mounted at the front of the tank, at the door opening, the operation is easy with pumps, controllers, and water filters easily accessible for maintenance and filter changes are simply and quickly achieved.

  • Reverse Osmosis filtration for water production.
  • Softener kit – lasts longer than RO filter if the local water is naturally soft.
  • External ports for ease of filling and water supply whilst the trailer remains locked.
  • Solenoid valve for automatic shut-off to prevent the SmartTank from over-filling.
  • Mounted hose reels with 100 metres of hose.
  • Option of single or double operators.

With these low-profile water tanks and by installing a false floor, the trailer load area can still be utilised for a multitude of purposes and the transport of other needed water-fed pole brushes or chemicals. The SmartTank water tanks are baffled to restrict water movement while on the move.