Tile Cleaner For Bathroom


If you need a safe and effective all-natural tile cleaner for bathroom product then TileKleen is a useful product for scrubbing and removing dirt and algae.

Tile Cleaner For Bathrooms

This is a British made detergent product which quickly penetrates and lifts off soiling, it is not a mould killer and is very safe for users, in drains, or even bath water due to having no biocides, acids, or bleach.

High Tech Cleaning Power

Utilising oleo chemistry and nano energy packages, this pH-neutral tile cleaner is the ideal companion for glazed or natural stone tiles offering powerful clean, low odour, and excellent safety near children or pets.

TileKleen is normally supplied in a 5 litre jerrycan at pre-diluted ready-to-use strength so just tip out on surface or use in an existing trigger spray bottle.

How To Use

Please spray on, agitate the surface with cloth or bush and rinse off with warm or cold water to carry away the soiling.

Tile Cleaner For Bathrooms

How To Order

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