Vehicle Cleaner Safe In Drains


CarKleen is a vehicle cleaner safe in drains or a water course, this is a UK made ultra-safe detergent that complies with pollution prevention guidelines.

car cleaning chemical

Car wash drainage regulations and truck wash regulations in the UK are strict as to run off chemicals and emulsifiers and CarKleen with its exceptional safety standards is compliant for drains, interceptors, and septic tanks. It is even used for coastal slipway and dock steps cleaning in a marine environment.

Highly effective dislodging of dirt, traffic film, and muck and yet safe enough to drink, this remarkable chemical is available in both ready-to-use dilution or as a professional concentrate product that you can use between 1 to 10 and 1 to 20 with water.

Vehicle cleaning chemicals

Utilising the power of nano energy to dislodge soiling from paintwork, trim, tyres, and glass, this cleaner could be applied with a pump sprayer or using our pump trolley and extending pole brush with battery that lasts for a full 12 hours of work.

Reduce headaches and delay and keep a shining fleet of trucks, buses, or vans using our range of super safe and useful products. Now you can clean anywhere in a compliant manner that saves time!

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaner

We are often asked for a COSHH sheet for CarKleen but there is not one in existence as it is non-hazardous with no acids or alkalis, bleach, toxic ingredients, or biocides; you can download a data sheet here.

Please be free to contact us and discuss your commercial vehicle or car washing needs so we can help you further to a safe and compliant vehicle cleaner safe in drains.

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