Coach And Bus Cleaner Chemical


Using our eco-friendly coach and bus cleaner chemical powerfully removes traffic film and is safe as run-off into drains, water courses, or septic tanks.

Coach And Bus Cleaner Chemical

CarKleen is a detergent made from all-natural ingredients that allows mobile and fast cleaning of your fleet, it is safe enough to drink and meets pollution prevention laws, working with a cleaning product that is this safe pays off for staff as well.

Low odour and fast cleaning without any need to wear items of PPE speeds up the cleaning process and, in many cases, you can dilute as weak as 1 to 20 if the vehicle is not very dirty. This product is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Needless to say, a cleaner fleet carries your brand better around the streets which is a good investment in branding while staying compliant and making your life easier.

Coach And Bus Cleaner chemical

CarKleen is supplied in both ready-to-use strength (do not dilute) or as a professional concentrate in 20 litre jerrycans, IBC tank pallets of 1000 litres of concentrate can also be quoted for as required.

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