60 Foot Water Fed Pole Brush


The perfect water fed telescopic window cleaning pole kit for heavy-duty professional use by trade window cleaners, exterior cleaning companies, softwashing firms or high-reach cleaners and facilities management companies. The OVA8 pole kit is also perfect for applying our BuildKleen cleaner chemical.

60 Foot Window Cleaning Water Fed Pole Brush

The Streamline OVA8 40T 60-foot water fed pole brush is a telescopic pole that is made in an oval profile shape to stop the dreaded phenomenon of pole turn and made in super robust and lightweight carbon fibre material.

The full specification of this 60-foot Streamline OVA8 water fed pole brush kit is set out here:

  • Achievable Height: 63 feet / 19.2m
  • Weight (Pole Only): 3.80kg
  • Pole Tubing Length: 20m
  • Number Of Pole Sections: 10
  • Minimum Length: 2.27m / 7 feet
  • Maximum Pole Length: 18,28m / 60 feet

Includes a brush, a 6mm male adaptor and a pack of two jets.

Our Price: £2050.00 +VAT – Buy The Whole Kit Online With Secure Payment Here

The blend of rigid strength and light and easy-to-handle features means that the Streamline OVA8 40T Carbon model with it’s reach of 18.2 metres – which is up to 6 floors from the ground – is something of a comprehensive building cleaning system for fascia, cladding, masonry, natural stone, and glass.

Coming in at only 3.8kg in weight for the pole with its 10 sections (brush is extra) this water-fed pole brush really does make a difference for professional operators ‘on the tools’ all day long and is ergonomic to hold as well.

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