Mortar And Brick Cleaner – 20 Litre



Keeping outdoor areas clean and presentable is a hard challenge but with our eco-friendly outdoor cleaner chemical BuildKleen you have the ideal industrial concrete cleaner and masonry cleaner for this purpose with easy dispersal of algae and soiling on patios or decking without containing any caustic chemicals.

This food-safe oil stain remover detergent chemical is formulated of all-natural ingredients and contains no acids, alkalis, biocides, or bleach and does not work by killing the green or black growth but rather by dislodging it for easy rinsing. The ideal non-toxic concrete cleaner for walls, drives, and structures.

Product Description

This innovative process involves the use of nano-energy packages within the aqueous cleaning solution and is ideal for cleaning granite, sandstone, marble, render, and hard surfaces including gravestones that are to be cleaned, uPVC gutters and concrete or fabric.

Safe For Outdoors, For You, And For Pets – BuildKleen mortar and brick cleaner is both pH neutral, odourless, and certified as food-safe; meaning it is great for ease of use and users do not require to wear any items of PPE while natural stone surfaces do not suffer the damage associated with using acids.

Non-Toxic Concrete Cleaner

With any outdoor cleaner chemical, it is always a concern if there will be any danger to your pets, lawns, pond life or plants and all of these are entirely safe when you use BuildKleen non toxic concrete cleaner, and, importantly, so are you! Readily biodegradable and safe in drains as run-off and in any aquatic environment and part of our concrete cleaner products range.

The remarkable way that this chemical breaks the surface tension that bonds dirt to the substrate is not only ideal for the initial cleaning but also secures a super-clean surface that resists the re-infestation of algae or dirt gripping back on. This means the clean appearance on walls, driveways and patios lasts for longer although the product itself is non-toxic and non-hazardous and very safe and stable to use.

This exceptionally versatile chemical is delivered at ready to use strength in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans and can be poured on, sprayed on, brushed, sponged, or rolled on to the dirty surface generously and then brushed with a soft to semi-stiff brush to agitate. Perfect for concrete slabs, Indian sandstone, Anstone coloured concrete or block paving.

Rinse off the outdoor cleaner with a garden hose or a pressure washer if you have one and at the appropriate power setting; take care not to damage old stonework by excessive pressure; this product is also ideal as an outside furniture cleaner.

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