A non-toxic and eco-friendly algae remover for use on any hard surface; DeckKleen is an odour free and food safe chemical that works perfectly to remove algae from composite or wood decking, fences, outside furniture, patios, and walls.

Algae Remover

DeckKleen is sold in 5 litre jerrycans and is at ready-to-use strength. This provides a coverage of around 12 to 15 square metres although this can be extended by spraying with a low-pressure sprayer and agitating the product well with a stiff brush and rinsing off with plenty of water.

The outstanding feature of this algae remover chemical is the excellent safety and entirely non-hazardous nature, using advance nano-energy, this detergent product swiftly dislodges the algae without killing it and is therefore a pet-friendly patio cleaner as well.

DeckKleen contains no acids, alkalis, biocides, solvents or bleach and has all-natural oleo ingredients. It will not kill grass, plants, or fish and, uniquely, it is safe to be disposed of in a water course; it is popular as a professional algae cleaner for landscapers, facilities managers, or DIY folks alike. It is also reassuring that you do not need any PPE like gloves, masks, or goggles.

Algae Remover

Apply the DeckKleen algae remover generously from a weed killer style sprayer and brush to agitate the surface and break surface tension. Several sprayed coats are likely to be best and a generous wash-down with a garden hose or pressure washer.

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