Pet Friendly Patio Cleaner


Our PatioKleen pet-friendly patio cleaner is entirely safe for pets, dogs, children, plants, lawns and even fish in a pond; It is non-toxic and non-hazardous and contains no caustic soda, acids or dangerous biocide chemicals.

PatioKleen is a food-grade detergent cleaner that contains no animal products and will not burn or hurt the feet of pets or indeed you or your children either.

Pet Friendly Patio Cleaner

It is a leading food-safe and non-corrosive patio cleaner safe for dogs product that is one of the safest cleaner chemicals in the landscaping, DIY, or facilities management and exterior cleaning trade This environmentally friendly patio cleaner is one of the most remarkable products on the market and safely dislodges algae and dirt with no risks for dogs or cats and entirely safe in ponds, waterways or streams as well.

How Does This Patio Cleaner Work?

PatioKleen is an effective pet-friendly patio cleaner aqueous solution for paths and driveways that works by a different process to most cleaning chemicals utilising nano energy packages which penetrate and break surface tension to loosen algae and dirt in a very safe way.



Pet Friendly Patio Cleaner

It removes unwanted dirt and algae by dislodging it instead of killing it and the resulting patio surface typically stays cleaner for longer than if it was treated with biocide-based cleaners. This non-hazardous, and non-toxic pet-friendly patio cleaner is also very safe for you to use as it is:

  1. Certified by Campden BRI as food safe and thus pet-safe and plant safe also.
  2. Non-toxic and non-hazardous, no caustic acids.
  3. Safe for any aquatic environment.
  4. Contains no biocides.
  5. Contains no bleach or sodium hypochlorite.
  6. Slows regrowth of algae due to cleaned surface.
  7. Users need no PPE items.
  8. Download the technical and safety data sheet here.
  9. Made in the UK.

Pet Friendly Patio Cleaner

Application Of PatioKleen

PatioKleen is supplied at ready-to-use dilution in 5 litre containers or 20 litre jerrycans. After application please agitate the cleaner with a stiff brush and leave for at least half an hour before rinsing off. We have a video showing this application technique here:

Use of a power washer on low-pressure setting or a garden hose is helpful to remove the loosened dirt and the application can be with a spray can or watering can, paintbrush or poured on generously from the jerrycan. The rinsing-off phase is important, please use a generous amount of water to remove soiling for best results.

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Pet Friendly Patio Cleaner Safe For Dogs