Pet Friendly Concrete Cleaner


BuildKleen is an excellent pet friendly concrete cleaner and innovative detergent cleaning chemical that is certified as food safe, is non-hazardous and non-toxic, giving peace of mind wherever potential contact with pets or children could occur.

Pet Friendly Concrete Cleaner

An odour-free product with all-natural ingredients, remarkable safety (you need no items of PPE), and ease of use, BuildKleen is winning friends in the DIY, exterior cleaning, and construction trade and if you are looking for an environmentally friendly pet-friendly concrete cleaner, then it is a great product for you to consider.

How Does It Work?

Using nano energy, this non toxic concrete cleaner penetrates deeply and cleans algae, dirt, and stains off surfaces by breaking the surface tension holding algae and dirt to the surface – the soiling is dislodged instead of being killed as with biocides or brick acids.

Nano-energy packages in the solution can be thought of as being like piranhas in the River Amazon that are milling around and waiting to attack and tear dirt away like piranhas would feed by tearing meat off the bones of their prey.

Pet Friendly Concrete Cleaner

A pH-neutral cleaner; concrete cleaned with BuildKleen will tend to stay algae and dirt-free for longer and it is idea statues or heritage buildings with run off that is safe in drains, water courses and with no risk to pets or cleaning staff either.

The product is supplied in 5 litre containers and 20 litre jerrycans and is at ready to use dilution for maximum convenience – do not dilute this product without discussing the application that you have in mind with us.

To see the effectiveness of BuildKleen in action please watch our video below; it is important to brush and scrub the substrate vigorously with a stiff brush to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Local authorities and organisations like Historic England and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission will be pleased to hear of the steps you are taking to lower any chemical risks or removing biocides from your cleaning processes and this product will be far more pleasant to use.

Pet Friendly Concrete Cleaner

More and more facilities management companies and high access cleaning contractors are looking for companies that demonstrate care for the environment and this is a cost-effective option to do just that.

Download the BuildKleen pet-friendly concrete cleaner data sheet here.

Contact us to discuss your needs further or to request SDS sheets.

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