Bilge Cleaner Detergent


BoatKleen is the perfect marine-safe bilge cleaner detergent that powerfully and quickly cuts through oil, muck, and sludge to clean out the often-smelly bilges while being safe to dispose of in a water course.

Bilge Cleaner

An all-natural detergent product that is food safe, this bilge cleaner chemical has applications around your vessel as an engine room cleaner, hull and decks cleaning, and is ideal for cleaning slipways.

Simply slosh on or spray on to decks of the harbour steps or slipways, scrub in with a stiff brush and either rinse off with a hose or leave the tide to do the rinsing for you as the product is safe in any aquatic environment.

Use this pH-neutral product that contains no acids or biocides on a manageable area like about 1 square metre at a time, apply generously from bucket or a sprayer, scrub with a brush and then flush off with cold water.

Safe Cleaning Chemical

BoatKleen can be purchased as ready-to-use strength product in 5 or 20 litre jerrycans. If you need a quantity of concentrate, then please phone us or email us:

This product works by the actions of nanoenergy particles that penetrate deeply underneath soiling and loosen off the algae and muck making it easy – but more importantly safe – to clean in or near marine environments.

Bilge Cleaner

The product works to DISLODGE muck whereas most products are designed to KILL algae. This is the secret of the bilge cleaner’s remarkable safety standards.

Download the SDS sheet on this link.