StoneKleen Natural Stone Cleaner


This natural stone cleaner chemical contains no biocides, acids or bleach. Having a pH-neutral all-natural chemical which is effective and will not damage the stone to maintain the natural beauty of the stone while effectively cleaning it.

Natural Stone Cleaner

Increasing demand for environmentally friendly and safe-to-use yet effective stone cleaning products in cleaning of stone has led to us producing StoneKleen, an innovative cleaner that can make your life easier and safer. It is available in both 5-litre and 20-litre jerrycans with quick delivery UK-wide.

How Does StoneKleen Work?

It works by using nano-tech energy particles that penetrate and dislodge dirt, oil, grease, or algae. It does this by breaking the surface tension that holds dirt or algae embedded on a substrate.

Many a ‘dirty’ looking patio, headstone, or natural stone wall is suffering from an invasion of living microorganisms called algae that thrive in our damp climate; with StoneKleen applied generously they are loosened off ready to be washed away by hose or just rain and the weather over time.

StoneKleen is a pH-neutral natural stone cleaner product that can be used successfully on terracotta or travertine, granite, sandstone, limestone, green slate, porcelain, clay tiles, terrazzo, concrete, ceramic tiles and artificial stone. StoneKleen is available as a pre-diluted (pour out and use) or as a professional quality concentrate that is normally diluted at 1 to 10 with water, the latter is often used by contractors and exterior cleaning firms.

One of our mottos is ‘Cleans Not Kills’ and this natural stone cleaner does this in contrast to biocide-based stone cleaner chemicals that are for deadly for aquatic life and less than ideal for lawns, pets, or flower beds.

Natural Stone Cleaner

The cleaning action is powerful yet non-corrosive, non-acid, non-toxic, and non-hazardous and this cleaner product is even certified as food safe and is safe to use near a water course. It is supplied in 5-litre bottles or 20-litre jerry cans as a ready-to-use cleaner and is ideal for patio and concrete and hard surface cleaning.

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StoneKleen 5 Litre Natural Stone Cleaner Chemical – £24.00 + VAT – BUY ONLINE HERE
StoneKleen 20 Litre Natural Stone Cleaner Chemical – £80.00 + VAT – BUY ONLINE HERE

For contractors or anyone who is cleaning a listed building or large area of masonry or limestone, consider our 10-litre concentrated version of this cleaner which can be found on this link.

Natural Stone Cleaner

How To Apply StoneKleen:

Wondering what is the best natural cleaner for natural stone? Apply this StoneKleen chemical detergent by pouring on or with a brush, sponge, roller or low-pressure sprayer, saturate the surface well and then agitate with a stiff brush.

If sprayed you will often benefit from more than one application, wait 5 minutes before rinsing off and your brush may need to be rinsed to relieve it of debris and soiling between applications.

The use of a pressure washer in conjunction with this natural stone cleaner is helpful for outdoors but older stone masonry needs care and a low pressure setting and it is a good idea to test an area first – we also have a video of how to apply here.

Download the StoneKleen natural stone cleaner chemical technical safety data sheet here.

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Natural Stone Cleaner