Eco-Friendly Boat & Marine Cleaner 5 Litre


BoatKleen is an eco-friendly tank cleaner chemical which is safe for any aquatic environment. Remove algae, debris, biofouling, grime, and dirt from your tanks or food handling equipment with this product. It is so safe and environmentally friendly that it can be discharged directly into water without any harm to marine life.


Tank Cleaner Chemical

How Does It Work?

This product leads among environmentally-friendly tank cleaner chemicals and works by a nano technology process to remove undesired dirt and stains from GRP and stainless steel tanks, engine rooms, and cargo holds.

An excellent degreaser, BoatKleen dislodges algae, grease, and dirt by breaking the surface tension rather by than killing as happens with biocides, strong acids and sodium hypochlorite bleach. BoatKleen is full of small nano ‘energy packages’ which function to penetrate and break the surface tension and lift off dirt leaving a surface which is proven to stay cleaner for longer.

An Ultra Safe Tank Cleaner Chemical!

Biocides and bleach are both harmful to marine life whereas this pH-neutral and eco friendly tank cleaner chemical is even food safe and does not need an environmental permit for water discharge.

BoatKleen is non-hazardous and non-toxic and contains no biocides or bleach; it is supplied at ready to use dilution in 5 litre or 20 litres containers and is a safe cleaner for any aquatic environments.

Buy BoatKleen 20 Litres – £80.00 + VAT + Carriage – Accepts Card Payments

Tank Cleaner Chemical

Download the BoatKleen boat cleaner data sheet here.

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BoatKleen is the perfect marine-safe bilge cleaner detergent that powerfully and quickly cuts through oil, muck, and sludge to clean out the often-smelly bilges while being safe to dispose of in a water course.

Bilge Cleaner

An all-natural detergent product that is food safe, this bilge cleaner chemical has applications around your vessel as an engine room cleaner, hull and decks cleaning, and is ideal for cleaning slipways.

Simply slosh on or spray on to decks of the harbour steps or slipways, scrub in with a stiff brush and either rinse off with a hose or leave the tide to do the rinsing for you as the product is safe in any aquatic environment.

Use this pH-neutral product that contains no acids or biocides on a manageable area like about 1 square metre at a time, apply generously from bucket or a sprayer, scrub with a brush and then flush off with cold water.

Safe Cleaning Chemical

BoatKleen can be purchased as ready-to-use strength product in 5 or 20 litre jerrycans. If you need a quantity of concentrate, then please phone us or email us:

This product works by the actions of nanoenergy particles that penetrate deeply underneath soiling and loosen off the algae and muck making it easy – but more importantly safe – to clean in or near marine environments.

Bilge Cleaner

The product works to DISLODGE muck whereas most products are designed to KILL algae. This is the secret of the bilge cleaner’s remarkable safety standards.

Download the SDS sheet on this link.



Changing the whole concepts around what a cleaning chemical is, BoatKleen is a highly innovative UK-made product that is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no biocides, acids, disinfectants, bleach, or alkalis.

Cleaning Chemical Safe As Effluent

Ever wondered what cleaning products can I use with a septic tank? BoatKleen offers powerful pH neutral cleaning which will not harm any septic tank which makes this a good cargo hold cleaning chemical as well.

It leads among brilliant cleaners for contract cleaning and industrial services companies that are looking for safe cleaning products for waste water treatment systems that will not degrade or harm any digester’s bacteria in sewerage plants or septic tanks.

Using BoatKleen is also the answer to marine pollutants arising from cleaning harbour slipways, quaysides, and steps as you will not need an environmental discharge permit if any goes in the water. Check out our How To Clean A Slipway video on this link.

This makes it perfect for cleaning decks or engine rooms of offshore oil rigs, shipping, and leisure craft or yachts as it quickly degreases or shifts dirt and oil stains when needed.

Oil Rig Cleaning Chemical

Readily biodegradable, BoatKleen utilises nano-energy particles within the detergent to attack, penetrate, and dislodge the dirt, grime, and algae on boat hulls, patios, render and cladding. It is an odourless and food safe chemical making it pleasant to use and both pet friendly and plant safe.

Cleaning Chemical Safe As Effluent

The modus operandi of this product is to DISLODGE muck whereas in many cases you will find products are designed to KILL algae – this is the secret of its almost unbelievable safety standards that you can see more of by downloading the SDS sheet on this link.

Safe Cleaning Chemical

Please be free to contact us to discuss your specific challenges on 01324 309100 or drop us an email to if you wish to try out the product.

This Cheif MAKOi video ‘Coal To Corn’ gives you an interesting insight into ship cargo hold cleaning in practice:


Our BoatKleen food grade cleaner is a nano-tech cleaning product that is tested by Campden BRI laboratories; it swiftly disperses soiling, grease, and grime without any biocides or acids, caustic, or corrosive products.

Food Grade Cleaner

One of several advantages of food grade cleaning chemicals like BoatKleen is that they are safe when cleaning tanks and enclosed spaces while also highly effective at cleaning.

Because the product is an oleo chemical that is made from all natural ingredients it will not kill any plants and is pet-friendly and safe even in a water course or fish tank. Do you need to clean your aquarium? This is the perfect food grade cleaner for this task!

Utilising advanced nanotechnology to quickly penetrate and dislodge soiling without any bleach, acids, or disinfectant means drinking water tanks, slipways at lakes, rivers, or the seaside or concrete dams can safely and quickly be cleaned without any risk of marine pollution. Need an engine room cleaner to clean up some spilt marine engine oil? This product is ideal.

The effluent from BoatKleen itself is harmless in water and the product carries no warning symbols. Users also do not need to wear any PPE items.


A cutting-edge, marine-safe, and innovative cleaner with multiple uses; BoatKleen food grade cleaner saves you from any environmental chemical and effluent worries, your health, time, stress, and fuel. Ask for a sample today!

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Marine Cleaner And Oil Rig Degreaser

BoatKleen is an all-natural eco-friendly marine cleaner chemical that is ideal for a host of hold cleaning and oil rig degreasing and platform deck cleaning tasks as it is entirely safe even if discharged into a water course.

Perfect for boat hull, decks, sails, or engine room cleaning where the powerful penetrating action of nano-energy packages in this pH-neutral and food grade marine cleaner dislodges grime, grease, dirt, and algae from almost any surface – even carpets and fabrics!

Remarkable Safety

Have you come across an oil rig degreaser that you could drink before?! BoatKleen is an aqueous cleaning solution detergent that has powerful cleaning action and yet users do not even need to wear any PPE items!

Marine Cleaner

With almost no smell, quick cleaning and de-greasing action, non-flammable, safe as effluent, and non-toxic; this marine cleaner presents an extraordinarily low risk product to have on board your vessel or offshore platform. You may have spilled some marine engine oil when you topped up your Volvo Penta or Perkins – this is the perfect oil stain remover!

BoatKleen contains no biocides, solvents, acids, alkalis, or caustic sodium hypochlorite at all.

How It Works

BoatKleen works by breaking the surface tension holding algae, grease, and dirt to a surface. It is available in 5 litres or 20 litres jerrycans as a ready-to-use strength cleaner.

Marine Algae Cleaner

Spray or pour on and agitate and scrub with a stiff brush and then rinse off the dislodged soiling and algae with a water hose or pressure washer if available.

Download the BoatKleen technical data sheet here.

Do not dilute the marine cleaner unless you are only dealing light soiling, when using as a rig wash oil rig degreaser it is best to leave it at full strength.

Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

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Pontoon Boat Cleaner


An excellent value for money and environmentally friendly anti-fouling pontoon boat cleaner product that is ideal for cleaning all electric pontoon boats, yachts, and other boats. The ideal safe and effective engine room cleaner and for sails, canvas, and deck cleaning.

Pontoon Boat Cleaner

Reduce cleaning effort and entirely avoid using marine pollutants with BoatKleen, the nano-tech boat hull cleaner that is food safe and even safe if discharged into a water course!

BoatKleen anti-fouling cleaner will lengthen the time needed between cleans of your boat hull simply by keeping it super-clean rather than by any killing process as with biocides.

Pontoon Boat Cleaner

It works differently to most boat cleaners and contains no toxins, acids, alkalis, or biocides. BoatKleen is a pH-neutral chemical that penetrates deeply into grime, breaks the surface tension, and lifts off algae, stains, and dirt, it is available in 5 litres or 20 litres jerrycans as a ready-to-use strength cleaner.

The combination of nano-techology cleaning power and great eco-friendly credentials make BoatKleen perfect for all year-round use as a pontoon boat cleaner.

Pontoon Boat Cleaner

Spray or pour on and agitate/scrub with a brush and then rinse off the dislodged soiling and algae with a cold water hose or pressure washer if available.

Download the BoatKleen technical data sheet here.

Do not dilute the marine-safe cleaning chemical unless you are only dealing with very light soiling on your boat hull or slipway. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

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Pontoon Boat Cleaner


This remarkable product which is a cleaner chemical safe as effluent uses all-natural ingredients and nanotechnology to dislodge the algae and dirt that builds up on harbour steps, pontoons, and slipways.

  • Mix the concentrate at 10 to 1 with water in a bucket.
  • Pour on to concrete or natural stone slipways.
  • Agitate and brush it in well.
  • Rinse off with a hose or leave the tide to do the work for you.

To order Marine Algae Remover cleaner or our marine-safe BoatKleen boat wash product please click here.


Marine Algae Cleaner

Slipway Cleaner Chemical


One of the chores of boating is the need to keep your vessel clean; all pleasures seem to have a downside! Using our boat wash cleaner chemical BoatKleen can, however, make fibreglass hull clean, remove marine algae, and keep seats and canvas sails clean, easier and safer.

Boat Wash

BoatKleen boat wash is a remarkable product that utilises nano-tech cleaning and a food-safe and entirely marine-safe formula with all-natural oleo chemical ingredients to combine astonishing cleaning power and effectiveness with outstanding safety.

Advanced Nano-Tech Cleaning

Made in the UK, this excellent boat wash can be said to be safer than Fairy Liquid and, in some respects, more powerful than acids! The nano energy particles within the solution uniquely penetrate the soiling and break surface tension bonding it to surfaces.

This means the modus operandi is to dislodge and loosen algae – not kill it like biocide-based chemicals. BoatKleen kills nothing and is a food-grade cleaner containing no biocides, acids, alkalis, bleach, or any other marine pollutants.

BoatKleen boat wash is suitable for boat hull and propeller cleaning, decks, seats, engine rooms, fittings, canvas, and as a fibre glass hull cleaner product.

Boat Wash

Do you need large quantities for use in shipyards, boat repair shops, or dry dock boat bottom cleaning? Please give us a call on 01324 309100 as we can arrange a 1000 litre IBC if needed.

Versatile For Marine Cleaning Tasks

Other uses that BoatKleen is ideal for include as a slipway cleaning chemical to remove marine algae from slips, pontoons, dock steps and so on. Need to clean a concrete patio or driveway or your front wall at home? It is a pet-safe and plant-friendly patio cleaner that is great for this purpose.

Boat Wash

This boat wash chemical is entirely safe if discharged into a water course or in any aquatic environment. It is also an ideal fish farm cleaning chemical that is certified as food-safe.

Download The BoatKleen Marine-Safe Boat Wash Data Sheet Here.

How To Apply:

The BoatKleen product is delivered in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans and in both cases, the boat wash is ready to use so please do not dilute it further.

Apply by pouring, spraying or via a telescopic water-fed brush to the yacht or boat’s hull or seats, agitate and scrub the surface well and rinse off with plenty of clean water to remove the dislodged algae or dirt.

We will be pleased to discuss any challenges that you may have further; if you wondering how to maximise your boats fuel efficiency we can help with our Opti Combustion upgrade service.

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You can use this Boat Wash or our marine algae cleaner product to clean slipways, pontoons, and other infrastructure – please see video below:


You can improve your results and lower the usage of cleaning chemicals by using hot water for cleaning and pressure washing tasks with this Heatwave portable diesel water heater module built in stainless steel with handles – it is a hot water system for pressure washing or cleaning.

Portable Diesel Water Heater

Reduce the labour time needed on cleaning tasks by quickly cutting through the algae, dirt and fly spots with heated water from this diesel fired water heater specifically designed with compact dimensions for the exterior cleaning trade. You can see the smaller Thermo hot water system for pressure washing to be mounted in a van on this link.

Cleaning cladding, hoardings, road signs, natural stone walls, patios, concrete or car parks becomes considerably easier when you use heated pure water through van-fitted or portable pressure washers and crucially it is much quicker so that you can fit more cleans and more profit into a day.

Price To Purchase: £6350.00 + VAT

Using diesel from the onboard tank so it is completely portable or from your vehicle or a standby tank with red diesel, the Heatwave Thermo II portable diesel hot water system for pressure washing module is safe to use with a built-in thermostat, frost stat to prevent freezing and all packaged in a rugged stainless-steel cabinet.

  • Has a 9 kW double diesel burner
  • Has a 12 litre diesel tank
  • Fuel Consumption is approx. 1.1 litres per hour
  • Length x Width x Height: 508mm x 203mm x 711mm
  • Weight – 69 Kilos (dry)
  • 12v 110amp battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Looking to lower emissions? Consider using HVO renewable diesel fuel.

Please see our full range of biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals here.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Chemicals


Our all-natural detergent cleaner chemicals are supplied as ready-to-use aqueous cleaning solution and are highly effective cleaner chemicals that are safe for use near or in a water course or any aquatic environment.

The BoatKleen, BuildKleen, StoneKleen, RenderKleen and Marine Algae Cleaner products contain no acids, alkalis, biocides, bleach, or disinfectants and are both pH neutral and certified as food safe.

Cleaning Chemicals Safe To Use Near Watercourse

As well as being ideal for cleaning of outside paint work, cladding, concrete, pontoons, slipways, and natural stone surfaces, bridges, painted cast iron railings and so on, the chemicals have very little or no odour and users or staff do not need to wear any PPE items.

Any statues, walls, pontoons or infrastructure in docks, yacht clubs, city centres or near rivers can be cleaned successfully with BuildKleen without any worries about biocides getting into the water or needing an environmental discharge licence from Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales or SEPA.

These astonishingly safe, stable, and effective chemicals are neither harsh nor caustic and yet use advanced formulation to deliver a substance that gets underneath soiling, dirt and algae to dislodge it by breaking the surface tension holding it in place.

Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaner

It is important to agitate the surface once you have sprayed or poured the solution on to it as this is essential in setting off the process of breaking surface tension to generate a super clean surface that will also tend to resist being re-infested with algae etc for longer.

Download an SDS Datasheet here to see more technical details.

See details of water pollution guidelines on GOV.UK here.

Please see our video of how to clean a slipway with our marine-safe cleaning chemicals below: 

Would you like to try a sample out or discuss your needs further? Please do contact us at the below address and we will be pleased to assist. You may also need professional application cleaning equipment, pole fed brushes, pumps or pressure washers – check out ours here.

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