Boat Hull Cleaner To Remove Biofouling And Dirt


BoatKleen is one of the most effective eco-friendly boat hull cleaner chemicals on the market and increasingly popular with boat owners who want to look after their boats, reduce effort and care for the marine environment. An excellent value for money and entirely environmentally-friendly anti-fouling cleaner that is ideal for yachts and boats.

Boat Hull Cleaner

Used by boat clubs or boat owners for a biofouling management plan and boat building yards as a hard surface, granite, and boat hull cleaner to remove dirt and bird lime, at marinas and by harbour masters to remove marine algae from slipways and steps and inhibit regrowth.

BoatKleen anti-fouling cleaner will lengthen the time needed between bilge and hull cleans, in some cases by a factor of ten. You can read useful guidance on the use of slipway cleaning chemicals on the GOV.UK website.

How BoatKleen Works:

Our environmentally friendly boat hull cleaner chemical works differently to most boat cleaning chemicals some of which are harmful to marine life and marine pollutants like bleach and sodium hypochlorite.

BoatKleen utilises advanced nanotechnology energy packages within the non-toxic, non-acidic and non-biocide chemical that penetrate deeply, break the surface tension and lift off algae, stains and dirt from the boat hull, seats or non-slip deck leaving a clean surface that is proven to last this way for longer.

Boat Hull Cleaner

You could think of these nano-energy packages as being like piranhas in the River Amazon milling around and waiting to attack and tear dirt away like these remarkable fish would feed by tearing meat off bones of their prey. Evaluated by the Environment Agency in its concentrated form, this is one of the only algae cleaners that is safe for marine life and humans and requires no PPE in normal use.

A Safe-To-Use Boat Cleaner Product

A genuinely economical boat hull cleaner which helps with the irksome task of boat cleaning without any damage to the environment; a great solution for cleaning fibreglass hulls on boats and yachts.

Remarkably, this product is actually certified as food safe as well as being a completely safe biofouling removal chemical when discharged in any water course or aquatic environments like canals or harbours. A combination of effective cleaning power and great eco credentials make BoatKleen perfect for all year round use.

Technical And Safety Information

Available to buy online in 5 litre or 20 litre jerry cans at ready-to-use dilution. To use spray or pour on and agitate and scrub with brush and then rinse off the dislodged soiling and algae with a hose or pressure washer.

Download the technical data sheet for this boat hull cleaner chemical from this link.

Please do not dilute the marine-safe cleaning chemical unless you are only dealing with very light soiling on your boat hull or slipway.

Order This Boat Hull Cleaner In 20 Litre Jerrycans

Boat Hull Cleaner

Keeping you boat’s hull clean is a major factor in fuel efficiency as we can see on this Boating Tips video from Volvo Penta here:

The BoatKleen boat hull cleaner product is delivered at ready to use strength without needing any dilution and as well its uses on boats it is ideal for render, patio and masonry cleaning. You can browse our full range of marine cleaning products elsewhere on this website.

Boat Hull Cleaner

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