Marine Cleaning Products – Safe In Watercourse

Choose from our unique range of marine cleaning products which include our BoatKleen ready-to-use dilution boat cleaning chemical that is perfect as a boat hull cleaning product for cleaning decks, sails, and seats or as an engine room cleaner. All of this range of chemicals contain no biocides, acids or bleach marine pollutants and is safe to use with no PPE items.

Marine algae remover cleaner is delivered as concentrate for quick and totally eco-friendly slipway cleaning and is normally diluted at around 1:10 with water. All of these chemicals are entirely safe in a water course or any aquatic environment. This means you do not need an Environment Agency discharge permit, they work by nano-energy to break surface tension to remove algae and dirt on slipways, dockside steps or pontoons. Download SDS data sheet here.

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