Cleaning Chemical Safe As Effluent


Changing the whole concepts around what a cleaning chemical is, BoatKleen is a highly innovative UK-made product that is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no biocides, acids, disinfectants, bleach, or alkalis.

Cleaning Chemical Safe As Effluent

Ever wondered what cleaning products can I use with a septic tank? BoatKleen offers powerful pH neutral cleaning which will not harm any septic tank which makes this a good cargo hold cleaning chemical as well.

It leads among brilliant cleaners for contract cleaning and industrial services companies that are looking for safe cleaning products for waste water treatment systems that will not degrade or harm any digester’s bacteria in sewerage plants or septic tanks.

Using BoatKleen is also the answer to marine pollutants arising from cleaning harbour slipways, quaysides, and steps as you will not need an environmental discharge permit if any goes in the water. Check out our How To Clean A Slipway video on this link.

This makes it perfect for cleaning decks or engine rooms of offshore oil rigs, shipping, and leisure craft or yachts as it quickly degreases or shifts dirt and oil stains when needed.

Oil Rig Cleaning Chemical

Readily biodegradable, BoatKleen utilises nano-energy particles within the detergent to attack, penetrate, and dislodge the dirt, grime, and algae on boat hulls, patios, render and cladding. It is an odourless and food safe chemical making it pleasant to use and both pet friendly and plant safe.

Cleaning Chemical Safe As Effluent

The modus operandi of this product is to DISLODGE muck whereas in many cases you will find products are designed to KILL algae – this is the secret of its almost unbelievable safety standards that you can see more of by downloading the SDS sheet on this link.

Safe Cleaning Chemical

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This Cheif MAKOi video ‘Coal To Corn’ gives you an interesting insight into ship cargo hold cleaning in practice: