Food Grade Cleaner


Our BoatKleen food grade cleaner is a nano-tech cleaning product that is tested by Campden BRI laboratories; it swiftly disperses soiling, grease, and grime without any biocides or acids, caustic, or corrosive products.

Food Grade Cleaner

One of several advantages of food grade cleaning chemicals like BoatKleen is that they are safe when cleaning tanks and enclosed spaces while also highly effective at cleaning.

Because the product is an oleo chemical that is made from all natural ingredients it will not kill any plants and is pet-friendly and safe even in a water course or fish tank. Do you need to clean your aquarium? This is the perfect food grade cleaner for this task!

Utilising advanced nanotechnology to quickly penetrate and dislodge soiling without any bleach, acids, or disinfectant means drinking water tanks, slipways at lakes, rivers, or the seaside or concrete dams can safely and quickly be cleaned without any risk of marine pollution. Need an engine room cleaner to clean up some spilt marine engine oil? This product is ideal.

The effluent from BoatKleen itself is harmless in water and the product carries no warning symbols. Users also do not need to wear any PPE items.


A cutting-edge, marine-safe, and innovative cleaner with multiple uses; BoatKleen food grade cleaner saves you from any environmental chemical and effluent worries, your health, time, stress, and fuel. Ask for a sample today!

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