Cleaning Old Concrete Steps


Concrete Steps Before and After.

Located at an old farm house in central Scotland we wanted to give our PatioKleen cleaner chemical a hard workout on these old concrete steps and the surrounding block paving with:

  • No pressure washer before, during or after.
  • Little or no preparation – just whack it on and go.

The Acute Build Clean team used a low-pressure weed killer type sprayer to soak the ends of the steps and the vertical surfaces with the concrete cleaner and just poured it out on the horizontal surfaces.

We then worked hard with a standard soft broom from ASDA to agitate the agent – this premises is in an extremely industrial town in the fairly damp centre of Scotland, located at sea level and steps could be as much as 120 years old! We don’t know for sure.

On the vertical surfaces we used a drill brush in a cordless battery drill as shown below and this was a help. When we felt we had done what we could the house owner hosed the steps off with a garden hose and the ‘after’ image is taken the following day.

See more details of our industrial concrete cleaner here or buy the 20 litre ready-to-use product online here.

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