Natural Stone Cleaner – 20 Litre



A high-performance natural stone cleaner chemical which dislodges dirt, grime and algae from natural stone or marble with ease and very little possibility of damage to surface or structure, StoneKleen is perfect for cleaning Indian sandstone, war memorials or monuments as well as stonework on heritage or listed buildings.

Product Description

This remarkable chemical is an aqueous cleaning solution which was invented in the UK and is made here as well. A remarkable breakthrough in the use of nano-energy particles to penetrate and lift off soiling by breaking the surface tension holding the dirt to the substrate.

Apply this monument cleaning chemical by sprayer or hand soft brush, gently agitate with a semi-stiff brush to achieve a light foaming which will typically turn the same colour as the soiling – e.g., it will turn green when it is removing green algae.

After several careful applications with a 10-minute wait we suggest generous rinsing down with a garden hose to help carry off soiling and dirt rather than letting it dry back in again.

An odourless, stable, and ultra-safe chemical, StoneKleen is a certified food-grade product that is pH neutral and contains no biocides, disinfectants, acids, or bleach. It does not set out to kill organic growth like so many exterior cleaning and ‘softwash’ products do but rather to dislodge it ready for rinsing off or weathering off over time.


Staff working with StoneKleen do not need to wear any items of PPE and the packaging need carry no hazard warning pictograms – meaning it is safer than Fairy Liquid! This remarkable product is formulated in a unique manner from all-natural ingredients and used widely in the food industry for cleaning and hygiene.

You will prove a rapid dispersal of soiling which outperforms almost any other product apart from strong sodium hypochlorite which is nowhere near as environmentally friendly and would need full masks for users. Hypo is unlikely to be suitable for listed monuments any way whereas StoneKleen is a huge help in combination with distilled water. Please note that StoneKleen is safe in any aquatic environment and water course.

Using StoneKleen cleaner inside is similar process to above outside process on a smaller scale, the rinsing is not an absolute must but keep in mind that if significant amounts of dirt are liberated then you don’t want the residue to dry back in again!

Please do contact us to discuss your specific challenges.