Meeting pollution prevention guidelines when cleaning vehicles can be achieved with CarKleen eco-friendly detergent that is safe in drains or a water course.

CarKleen is a remarkably safe UK-made detergent made from all natural ingredients which you literally can drink, it is used for marine and coastal cleaning applications like slipways and dock steps because it is safe in any aquatic environment.

Pollution Prevention Guidelines

When you want to achieve a clean and presentable fleet of vans, coaches, or trucks to carry your brand you either must position vehicles over compliant drainage/interceptor area to collect effluent or you can use CarKleen cleaner that means mobile cleaning is possible anywhere as the run-off is chemically harmless. This allows much more efficient cleaning.

Pollution prevention guidelines have solid reasons to exist because of water table, drinking water, and many other environmental considerations.

However, there is also the issue of septic tanks that have bacteria in them by design to digest sewage, using powerful degreasers, TFR, or other detergents can kill these bacteria and render the system useless leading to expensive repairs that are not necessary.

Vehicle Cleaning Trolley

Using our vehicle cleaning chemical that is safe in drains allows you to rapidly clean your fleet anywhere quickly and efficiently saving time, money, and legal worries. The LiberVac battery pump trolley with extendable pole bush has been developed to clean railway rolling stock or double deck buses and give you 12 hours of use without charging.

CarKleen is available as a ready-to-use strength or as a professional grade concentrate in 20 litre UN-approved jerrycans that can be ordered on this link.

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See government pollution guidance page and download PPG document here.