Eco Friendly Decking Cleaner


Remarkably non-hazardous and non-toxic for an exterior cleaning chemical as well as 100% biodegradable, DeckKleen is specifically developed as an eco-friendly decking cleaner which cleans and removes dirt and algae instead of killing it, leaving a clean surface which has more grip.

Eco Friendly Decking Cleaner

One of the best environmentally friendly decking cleaners that are available; DeckKleen is head and shoulders above the huge crowd of patio and decking cleaners that use biocides, disinfectants and caustic acids and is:

  1. Certified food-safe by Campden BRI laboratories.
  2. Non-toxic and non-hazardous, with no caustic acids or alkalis.
  3. Safe for marine life, an all-natural detergent.
  4. No biocides or disinfectant.
  5. Cleaning personnel need no PPE.
  6. No bleach or sodium hypochlorite.
  7. Slows regrowth of algae.
  8. Made in the UK – an astounding compound invented and made here!

A great value sustainable decking cleaner with powerful cleaning action and easy to buy online below, it works by using nano ‘energy packages’ which penetrate and break surface tension to lift off dirt leaving a surface which stays cleaner for notably longer and has far more grip for pedestrian safety.

A useful ready-to-use, safe, stable, effective, and environmentally friendly product that is supplied in 5 litre containers – it costs £24.00 + VAT per 5 litre jerrycan plus carriage.

Eco Friendly Decking Cleaner

Use of a power washer on low pressure setting is normally helpful and application can be by a spray can, roller, sponge, or watering can. Please agitate the decking cleaner with a stiff broom and leave for five minutes before you hose it off with a garden hose or a pressure washer.

It is not essential that you rinse but it greatly helps to transport away loose dirt that may otherwise settle back down later.

Download the technical and safety data sheet here.

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Eco Friendly Decking Cleaner