Sandstone Patio Cleaner


PatioKleen is an excellent sandstone patio cleaner for combating the effects of the British weather and damp climate on your patio where the lovely look of a new sandstone patio has quickly darkened with what looks like dirt – and often is – or else black or green algae embedded on the surface.

Sandstone Patio Cleaner

Hard to shift, this disappointing coating can however be treated with PatioKleen very effectively and because of this remarkable product will tend to resist being darkened again.

A Powerful Yet Eco-Friendly Patio Cleaner

This sandstone patio cleaner is an effective and highly innovative cleaning chemical which is non-hazardous and non-toxic and is certified as food safe and needs no PPE when in normal use.

If you are wanting an environmentally friendly sandstone patio cleaner, then this is a great product for you – apply with a low-pressure sprayer, roller (paint roller) or brush and scrub thoroughly with a stiff broom before leaving for half an hour or so for the cleaning to take place.

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A pressure washer – used carefully with a rotary patio cleaner attachment and hood – helps with stubborn dirt and to wash away loose dirt from sandstone; take care to avoid blowing out the kiln-dried sand between blocks on block paving patios or driveways.

Caring for the environment is very important and this pH-neutral sandstone patio cleaner contains no biocides or bleach and no strong acids or alkalis making it a truly remarkably safe and pleasant product to use without damage to you, pets, grass, flowers or ponds.

How Does It Work?

This water-based sandstone patio cleaner chemical uses nanotechnology and penetrates deeply and loosens off algae, dirt and stains by breaking the surface tension on the Indian sandstone – thus our expression ‘Cleans Not Kills’ because – unlike biocides – it does not kill anything but dislodges the dirt for rinsing.

Sandstone Patio Cleaner

Biocides are almost universal in patio and masonry cleaner chemicals but there are none in PatioKleen hence it is harmless for plants, pets, cleaning staff, lawns, window boxes, aquatic life and the environment in general.

The nano-energy packages in the chemical can be compared to piranhas in the River Amazon that attack and tear dirt away like piranhas would feed by tearing meat off the bones of their prey. Patios treated with PatioKleen stay algae-free for longer and in our tests, sandstone absorbs rain water in a more natural way after cleaning that is almost like ‘breathing’.

How To Apply PatioKleen

Firstly, sweep the patio, path, or driveway carefully to remove loose debris and leaves. If it is a hot day, then we suggest that you hose down and wet the area first – then apply the cleaner by pouring straight from the jerrycan onto a manageable area – perhaps 2 or 3 square metres and brush in vigorously with a stiff broom.

PatioKleen is a great pre-wash cleaner chemical for pressure washers achieving a better result quicker and with less effort – pressure wash off the area to be cleaned so as to rinse and brush away the dirt thoroughly.

It is important also to rinse the area so that dirt is carried away – this can be with a pressure washer or a garden hose. PatioKleen sandstone patio cleaner can be sprayed very effectively but please ensure a generous quantity is in contact with the sandstone patio or driveway that is to be cleaned and that this is both brushed vigorously and rinsed off with generous quantity of water.

Download the technical and safety data sheet here.

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Below: A freshly cleaned sandstone patio makes the effort seem worth it:

Sandstone Patio Cleaner