Stone Cleaner Products


We are a dynamic family run stone cleaner products company specialising in a natural stone cleaner which is not corrosive or acidic called StoneKleen. A pH neutral stone cleaner which is effective and will not damage the surface is important to enhance the beauty of the stone.

StoneKleen is an innovative cleaner chemical that uses no caustic acids, alkalis, biocides, or bleach.

Stone Cleaning Products

One of our motto’s is ‘Cleans Not Kills’ and our stone cleaning products do this in contrast to biocide-based chemicals. The cleaner works by using nano-size energy surfactant packages that penetrate and lift off the dirt or algae. They do this by breaking the surface tension that holds dirt or algae on to a substrate with the added bonus of keeping the cleaned area free of algae for longer.

Many a ‘dirty’ looking slate or sandstone patio or natural stone wall has living microorganisms called algae that thrive in our damp climate; with StoneKleen this is loosened off ready to be washed away by hose or just rain and the weather over time.

Stone Cleaning Products

The cleaning action of our stone cleaning products is powerful yet non-corrosive, non-acid, non-toxic, and non-hazardous and the product is even certified as food safe and is safe to use near a water course. It is supplied in 5 litre bottles as a ready-to-use cleaner and costs £30.00 each – you can buy it online here.

Use of a pressure washer on low pressure setting is normally helpful. Apply our natural stone cleaner products with a brush, sponge, roller or low-pressure sprayer, saturate the surface well and then agitate with a stiff brush.

If sprayed you may benefit from more than one coat, ideally wait an hour before rinsing off.

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Stone Cleaning Products