Marble Headstone Cleaner Chemical


Keeping headstones clean and in our damp climate without damage is a challenge and our eco-friendly stone or marble headstone cleaner chemical StoneKleen is ideal for this purpose with rapid dispersal of algae and soiling without any caustic chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Headstone Cleaner Chemical

A specialist food-safe detergent cleaner chemical that is formulated of all-natural ingredients, StoneKleen contains absolutely no acids, alkalis, biocides, or bleach and does not work by killing the green growth.

How Does It Work?

The unique and innovative process by which it works penetrates deeply under the soiling to dislodge it and loosen it off for rinsing.

The product uses nano-energy packages within the aqueous cleaning solution to do this and is ideal for cleaning granite, sandstone, and marble of all colours as well as other hard surfaces including very old gravestones that are to be restored or cleaned and even concrete or fabric.

Safe And Effective

As it is both pH-neutral and food-safe it is a great marble headstone cleaning product for ease of use and users do not need to wear items of PPE while natural stone surfaces do not suffer the damage associated with using acids.

Given the sensitivity of the gravestones being cleaned, it is good to know that the the deceased’s granite or marble headstone is being maintained with an effective yet eco-friendly and safe cleaner that won’t kill any grass, flowers, or plants around and it is pet safe as well.

Eco-Friendly Headstone Cleaner Chemical

An Enduring Clean

The remarkable way that the product breaks surface tension that bonds dirt to the headstones is not only ideal for the actual cleaning process but it also secures a super-clean surface that resists the re-infestation of algae.


This means the clean appearance lasts longer although the product itself is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and very safe and stable.

Marble Headstone Cleaner

How Much Does It Cost?

StoneKleen monument cleaner is delivered at ready-to-use strength in 5-litre or 20-litre jerrycans for £24 or £80 each respectively and is delivered all over the UK by courier – order online on the links below. Please note you can pay by card and don’t need to have a PayPal account.

Marble Headstone Cleaner Chemical

The rinsing is not an absolute must but keep in mind that if significant amounts of dirt are liberated then you don’t want the residue to dry back in again!

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