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Rolling stock has an extraordinary role in today’s commuting and leisure users and works very hard; keeping trains clean takes colossal effort by hundreds of staff and so making that task easier is very useful.

Exterior Cleaning Equipment For Trains

Browse our carefully developed range of exterior cleaning equipment for trains to see how we have taken feed back from the sharp end to make our reach and wash system safe for use near overhead line equipment.

Our industry leading LiberVac range of train cleaning equipment can help with all stages of interior or exterior cleaning of rolling stock and we also have TrainKleen, an eco-friendly detergent cleaner safe in drains or a water course.

Vehicle Cleaning Trolley

TrainKleen is available as ready-to-use or as a super concentrate product for dilution to your needs for use in carriage washers, trigger sprays, or for hand bashing with or without the LiberVac equipment. See more information and buy the chemical here.

Low odour, ultra-safe, and powerful cleaning of upholstery, floors, front ends and undercarriage is possible with this remarkable product.

See a video below of the rolling stock cleaning trolley being used with our eco-friendly detergent product:

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Meeting pollution prevention guidelines when cleaning vehicles can be achieved with CarKleen eco-friendly detergent that is safe in drains or a water course.

CarKleen is a remarkably safe UK-made detergent made from all natural ingredients which you literally can drink, it is used for marine and coastal cleaning applications like slipways and dock steps because it is safe in any aquatic environment.

Pollution Prevention Guidelines

When you want to achieve a clean and presentable fleet of vans, coaches, or trucks to carry your brand you either must position vehicles over compliant drainage/interceptor area to collect effluent or you can use CarKleen cleaner that means mobile cleaning is possible anywhere as the run-off is chemically harmless. This allows much more efficient cleaning.

Pollution prevention guidelines have solid reasons to exist because of water table, drinking water, and many other environmental considerations.

However, there is also the issue of septic tanks that have bacteria in them by design to digest sewage, using powerful degreasers, TFR, or other detergents can kill these bacteria and render the system useless leading to expensive repairs that are not necessary.

Vehicle Cleaning Trolley

Using our vehicle cleaning chemical that is safe in drains allows you to rapidly clean your fleet anywhere quickly and efficiently saving time, money, and legal worries. The LiberVac battery pump trolley with extendable pole bush has been developed to clean railway rolling stock or double deck buses and give you 12 hours of use without charging.

CarKleen is available as a ready-to-use strength or as a professional grade concentrate in 20 litre UN-approved jerrycans that can be ordered on this link.

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See government pollution guidance page and download PPG document here.


Our unique and eco-friendly exterior cleaner for trains is a UK-made ultra safe and eco-friendly cleaner chemical for trains, carriages and all rolling stock. A high-performance cleaner detergent which dislodges travel film, dirt, grime, flies, and algae from your rolling stock with ease.

TrainKleen is perfect for cleaning both rolling stock, station rain shelters, hard floors and even fabric seats.
Exterior Cleaner For Trains

This remarkable locomotive cleaning chemical is an aqueous cleaning solution which was invented in the UK and is made here as well. A notable breakthrough in the use of nano-energy particles to penetrate and lift off soiling and traffic film, flies and grime by breaking the surface tension holding the dirt to the carriage’s exterior.


Nothing beats the gleaming clean look of your multiple units or Mk4 carriages, Bombardier Meridians, or Hitachi Azuma trains in the eyes of the public seeing your brand.

How To Use TrainKleen:

Apply this cleaning chemical by sprayer or with hand soft brush and then gently agitate with brush to achieve a light foaming which will typically turn the same colour as the soiling. Depending on the level of dirt make several applications with a 10-minute wait and we suggest generous rinsing down with a hose or pressure washer to help carry off soiling and dirt.

An odourless, stable, and ultra-safe chemical, TrainKleen is a certified food-grade product that is pH neutral and contains no biocides, disinfectants, acids, or bleach. It does not set out to kill organic growth like many other exterior cleaning but rather to dislodge it ready for rinsing off in a manner that has to be seen to be believed.

Staff working with the cleaner do not need to wear items of PPE and the packaging need carry no hazard warning pictograms – meaning it is safer than Fairy Liquid! This remarkable product is formulated in a unique manner from all-natural ingredients and used widely in the food industry for cleaning and hygiene tasks.

Exterior Train Cleaner Chemical

Is It Effective At Cleaning?

Yes, it is remarkably effective at cutting through grime and traffic film and you will see a rapid dispersal of soiling which out-performs other products on heavy soiled trains while being environmentally friendly and safe in any aquatic environment, in drains and in a water course meaning you don’t need to be concerned about the run off from cleaning from the chemical’s perspective.

How Much Does It Cost?

TrainKleen is delivered at ready-to-use strength in 20-litre jerrycans for £74.00 + VAT and is delivered all over the UK, you can order online on the link below; we also offer a professional concentrate version. Please note you can pay by card and don’t actually need to have a PayPal account, for bulk purchases, 1000 litre IBC’s or concentrate please call us.

Paint Roller Cleaner

Using TrainKleen cleaner inside your rolling stock is similar process to the above outside process on a smaller scale, the rinsing is not an absolute must but keep in mind that if significant amounts of dirt are liberated then you don’t want the residue to dry back in again!

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