Industrial Patio Cleaner


Industrial Patio Cleaner

This industrial patio cleaner chemical does the hard work for you using nanoenergy in an advanced formulation specialist food-grade detergent cleaner that contains no acids, no bleach, sodium hypochlorite or biocides.

A highly effective pH-neutral patio cleaner for removing algae, staining and dirt, this innovative product is made in the UK and works by getting underneath the soiling to dislodge it instead of killing it as is generally the case with industrial patio cleaners.

How Does It Come?

Available in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans at ready-to-use dilution from our small family-run business that specialises in exterior cleaning chemicals, BuildKleen can be used as a masonry or concrete cleaner and can be used without needing any PPE items both inside and outside.

Industrial Patio Cleaner

It is a remarkable fact that this cleaner – while powerful – is safe to dispose of in a watercourse so that run-off from patio cleans can go onto the lawn or flower beds without risk and pets, cleaning staff and others are also far safer than when biocide or sodium hypochlorite are used.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can order BuildKleen outdoor cleaner online here – please note you can pay by card and you don’t need to have a PayPal account.

BuildKleen 5 Litre Jerrycan:   £24.00 + VAT + Carriage
BuildKleen 20 Litre Jerrycan: £80.00 + VAT + Carriage

Industrial Patio Cleaner

Handy And Fast

As BuildKleen is delivered at ready-to-use strength you can get straight on with the job whether that is cleaning a driveway, a natural stone wall or roof cleaning a conservatory – saving you time and effort. Do you have a large industrial concrete car park or similar to clean? Check out the super concentrated detergent version on this link.

How BuildKleen Works

Using innovative formulation, the nano ‘energy packages’ within the product penetrate deeply into the substrate with break the surface tension holding soiling down. This means a ‘super-clean’ surface is achieved that will not re-infest easily with algae or dirt. This unique all-natural chemical is a British invention.

Applying BuildKleen

Firstly, sweep the patio, path, or driveway carefully to remove loose debris and leaves. If it is a hot day, then we suggest that you hose down and wet the area first – then apply the cleaner by pouring straight from the jerrycan onto a manageable area – perhaps 2 or 3 square metres and brush in vigorously with a stiff broom.

Industrial Patio Cleaner

It is important also to rinse the area so that dirt is carried away – this can be with a pressure washer or a garden hose; it is true to say that BuildKleen is the perfect pre-wash chemical for pressure washers.

BuildKleen can be sprayed very effectively but please ensure a generous quantity is in contact with the concrete that is to be cleaned and that this is both brushed in and rinsed off with a generous quantity of water.

Download the BuildKleen safety data sheet here.

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