Natural Stone Cleaner Concentrate 10 Litre



pH-neutral and eco-friendly natural stone cleaner using innovative nano-tech in professional-grade super-concentrated detergent. BuildKleen & StoneKleen concentrate offer an exterior cleaner for masonry, stone, concrete, cladding, signs, bus shelters, fascia, gutters, patios, and driveways.

Simply dilute the concentrate at 1 to 10 ratio with tap water to make a cleaner that is ideal for removing ingrained grime, dirt, traffic film, algae and oil stains from render and pebble dash, concrete slabs, natural stone, statues, or monuments.

Product Description

BuildKleen is a pH neutral and food-safe masonry cleaner that is safe for pets and humans. Once diluted, this natural stone cleaner is safe even in a water course or drains and users do not need to wear PPE items.

This means that exterior cleaning contractors and users can enjoy a vastly safer cleaning product that contains no biocides, acids, alkalis, DDAC, or sodium hypochlorite with no odours and a is very pleasant product to use.


What Is The Coverage And Yield?

BuildKleen/StoneKleen concentrate nano-tech cleaner is packed in 10 litre jerrycans and the yield is 110 litres of ready-to-use cleaner, and the coverage is approximately 260 square metres at this 10 to 1 dilution rate; the cost at this rate is around £1.41 per litre.

How Does Our Natural Stone Cleaner Work?

Using an innovative nano-tech detergent formula this is a leading British cleaning product that penetrates underneath the soiling and algae to dislodge it.

This is the absolute key difference with biocides – which are disinfectants – as they kill algae, mould, or lichen – this cleaner kills absolutely nothing and yet is highly effective and safe for operators.