Our non acid brick cleaner is an effective and highly innovative exterior brick cleaner chemical; have you heard of a brick and masonry cleaner that is food-safe before?! BuildKleen is non-hazardous and non-toxic and is certified as food safe and needs no PPE when in normal use which is a refreshing change from hydrochloric acid and the safety risks it can bring while still highly effective.

Non Acid Brick Cleaner

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly non-corrosive non acid brick cleaner, then BuildKleen is a great product for you – apply with a low-pressure sprayer, sponge, roller or brush and scrub thoroughly and leave for an hour or so for the cleaning to take place. A pressure washer – used carefully – can also help with stubborn or very old dirt and with removing the loose dirt after application.

How Does BuildKleen Work?

Using nanotechnology our water-based masonry cleaning chemical penetrates deeply and cleans algae, dirt and stains off brickwork and limestone masonry by breaking the surface tension and lifting off the dirt – thus our expression ‘Cleans Not Kills’ because unlike biocides it does not kill anything and is pH neutral as well.

These nano-energy packages could be thought of as being like piranhas in the Amazon that are just milling around and waiting to attack and tear dirt away like piranhas would feed by tearing meat off the bones of their prey; BuildKleen is also an effective cleaner for driveways and patios.

A surface treated with BuildKleen stays algae-free for longer and in our tests, natural stone absorbs rain water in a more natural way that is almost like ‘breathing’. BuildKleen is a pH neutral substance that contains:

  • No biocides or bleach.
  • No strong acids or alkalis

Eco friendly best brick cleaners are becoming more common and BuildKleen is a practical and good value example of this trend. It is also effective as a limestone and sandstone masonry cleaner of dirt and algae.

Our non acid brick cleaner is the perfect cleaner for stonework and stone statues on heritage or listed buildings with a combination of aggressive action while gentle and safe to handle and as run-off.

Non Acid Brick Cleaner 20 Litres

The product is supplied in 5 litre containers and 20 litre jerrycans as shown above and is at ready to use dilution for maximum convenience. To see the power and effectiveness of BuildKleen in action please contact us or see our cleaning equipment range.

BuildKleen 5 Litre – £20.00 + VAT Each – Buy Now – Accepts Credit + Debit Cards

Buy Now ButtonYou will find council clients are delighted to hear of the steps you are taking to lower any chemical risks for masonry cleaning – for example near children’s play areas and it may help you win more tenders that you quote on for masonry cleaning.

More and more firms are looking for cleaning contractors that demonstrate care for the environment and this is a cost-effective option to do just that.

Download the BuildKleen Best Brick Cleaner 5 Litre & 20 Litre SDS Sheet here.

Contact us to discuss your needs further or to request SDS sheets or purchase the product online.

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