Marine Algae Cleaner Scotland

We are excited to now be able to offer this high-power and completely environmentally friendly marine algae cleaner Scotland which is perfect for ridding quaysides, masonry seafront walls, and slipways of this slippery nuisance from Cairnryan to Dundee, Anstruther and Fraserburgh.

With a dilution ratio of 1:10 this product is classified as non-hazardous to humans or the marine environment and uses no biocide and is so safe that it has been given food-safe status!

The combination of powerful non-biocide cleaner chemicals inhibits the regrowth of algae as well as cleaning and breaking down the bonds of seaweeds, algae and marine growth on surfaces throughout harbours, yacht clubs, slipways, marinas and foreshore areas.

Marine Algae Cleaner

When used as directed does not need an Environment Agency environmental permit for a Water Discharge Activity issued under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. As the product is non-biocidal is adheres to HSE guidelines for chemicals that land up in the sea or may cause chemical burns.

Please see our video demonstration of how to clean a slipway or other harbourside infrastructure here:


Especially effective on concrete and stone surfaces the product is a powerful and eco-friendly solution to marine algae growth problem areas. You can access useful guidance from GOV.UK onĀ slipways cleaning chemical use.

Marine algae cleaner Scotland

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Marine Algae Remover