Paint Roller Cleaner Liquid


BuildKleen paint roller cleaner liquid is an innovative detergent chemical to quickly loosen and dislodge water-based paints like emulsion to minimise needed effort. Also effective in cleaning oil-based paints and varnishes quickly without odours.

Paint Roller Cleaner

Speed up and improve the cleanliness of your paint rollers, brushes, paint trays and other utensils ready for the next decorating task by using BuildKleen to keep them in top condition, remove drips and stains from around the decorating area whether you are a professional decorator or DIY painter.

Paint Cleaning Innovation – UK Made

BuildKleen is a British product that is made from all natural ingredients. It is an entirely food-safe, pet-safe, and environmentally friendly product that is even safe if discharged by accident into a watercourse, pond, or drain.

Using innovative formulas of nano-tech energy packages, the nanoenergy within this aqueous cleaning solution penetrate the worst of soiling, paint, oil stains, or grease to break the surface tension.

Paint Roller Cleaner

This leads to high performance as a paint roller cleaner and paintbrush cleaner to shorten the time needed and even remove paint spills from clothing and fabrics. BuildKleen is also ideal as an oil stain remover product for both garage floors, driveways, and for cleaning cladding from algae or grime.

Safe And Fast Paint Cleaning

A safe, pleasant, pH neutral and odourless paint roller cleaner that is great as a hand washing and sanitising cleaner to take paint and varnish or stains off your hands. The product is at ready-to-use dilution so it is generally better to use from the bottle but can be watered down as well.

Paint Roller Cleaner

Available to buy in 5 litres or 20-litre jerrycans with delivery all over the UK; BuildKleen is used in numerous exterior cleaning tasks and excels as a paint roller cleaner liquid, especially for water-based emulsion paints.

Download BuildKleen paint roller cleaner SDS data sheet.

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