Patio Cleaning Solution


Use the PatioKleen patio cleaning solution for easy cleaning your patio or driveway to keep them looking presentable in our damp climate. This solution gets rid of dirt and algae in an environmentally friendly way by dislodging it without back-breaking labour and that also reduces rates of re-infestation.

It comes as a ready-to-use aqueous cleaner in 5 litre or 20 litre jerrycans with industry-leading safety for users, staff, plants, lawns and pets as well as effective cleaning performance.Patio Cleaning Solution

How Does It Work?

With this nano-technology-based patio cleaning solution, the process of cleaning is by getting underneath the algae and dirt and loosening and dislodging it for rinsing off instead of killing the algae as is the case with biocide-based cleaners. Most brands of patio cleaners use biocides in to kill the green growth whereas ours uses none.

In some cases, the biocide-based cleaners are biodegradable but toxic to aquatic life and in some cases to pets and carry hazard warning pictograms about how they can damage your skin. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your activities, you’ll think twice before you use them.

About This Patio Cleaning Solution:

  1. Certified as food safe, no danger to pets, staff or plants or lawns.
  2. Non-toxic and non-hazardous – contains no caustic acids.
  3. Contains no biocides or disinfectants – no danger to plants or lawns nearby.
  4. Contains no bleach or sodium hypochlorite.
  5. Slows regrowth of algae.
  6. Made in the UK.
  7. Needs minimal or no PPE.

If you’ve seen the true beauty of natural stone from a British quarry you won’t want to use traditional brick cleaner acid on your patio, although powerful and cheap, it will likely ruin it and discolour the stone.

PatioKleen 5 Litre – £24.00 + VAT Each – Buy Now Online

Patio Cleaning Solution

This patio cleaner solution is stable, safe, and 100% biodegradable. It is supplied in 5 litres or 20 jerrycans at ready-to-use dilution so please do not dilute the solution further unless you are cleaning very light soiling.

We also supply all-natural detergents for cleaning wooden decking or natural stone; all of our products are pH-neutral.

How To Use:

The application can be by a pump action sprayer or a watering can, sponge, paint roller or poured on. Agitate the solution with a stiff brush and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing off – a garden hose is fine for this and we have a handy ‘How To Clean Your Patio’ video as well.

Download the Safety Data Sheet for our patio cleaning solution on this link.

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Patio Cleaning Solution