Marine Algae Cleaner – 5 Litre



Our environmentally friendly marine algae remover chemical cleaner is ideal for cleaning harbour steps, quaysides, and slipways of marine algae and slippery green growth.

With a dilution ratio of 1:10 this product is classified as non-hazardous to the marine environment and it contains no biocides, bleach or acids and indeed is so safe and non-toxic that it has been given food-safe status and users need no PPE items in normal use.

Product Description

Powerful non-biocide marine algae cleaner chemicals breaks down the bonds of algae and marine growth on the substrate. This cleaner works using nano energy by breaking surface tension holding algae and dirt to the substrate and lifting it off for rinsing instead of killing the algae.

On numerous occasions it has be proven to limit re-growth of algae infestations better than using sodium hypochlorite and it is ideal as a boat hull cleaner for yachts and boats. Testimonial From Dalgety Bay Sailing Club, Fife, Scotland on this product: “We were most impressed by the test strip we did on our jetty which was very badly fouled, much worse than we would normally let it get.”

Especially effective on concrete and stone surfaces in harbours, yacht clubs and marinas. The marine algae cleaner is sold as concentrate and would normally dilute 1 part concentrate to 10 parts water. When used as directed this product does not need an Environment Agency environmental permit for a Water Discharge Activity issued under the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

As the product is non-biocidal it also adheres to HSE guidelines for chemicals that land up in the sea or may cause chemical burns to humans as disturbing incidents concerning the HSE in the Western Isles. A powerful and eco-friendly solution to marine algae growth problem areas that is also well priced and reduces the number of applications that harbour staff or contractors need to undertake.