Boat Cleaner Chemical – 5 Litre



Cleaning your boat, yacht or barge can be an arduous task so help yourself and your colleagues by using BoatKleen, an eco-friendly boat cleaner chemical that is non-toxic and non-hazardous with powerful cleaning action to remove stains, dirt and algae from hulls, decks, seats, and canvas.

Entirely safe in any aquatic environment containing no biocides, acids, alkalis or bleach, BoatKleen is also used for cleaning slipways made from granite or concrete.

Product Description

How Does BoatKleen Cleaning Chemical Work? This product works by using oleo chemicals with nanotechnology where tiny nano-energy packages get underneath the dirt, grime and algae to loosen it off for flushing off and leaving a super-clean surface, this environmentally friendly yacht cleaner contains:

  • No bleach or sodium hypochlorite – it is odourless.
  • No biocides or disinfectants – completely safe for any aquatic environment.
  • No strong acids or caustic alkalis.

Doesn’t every cleaning chemical firm claim to be eco-friendly? Well, this is often true – in claim at least – but while bleach and biocides are effective at cleaning, they are lethal for aquatic life and in many cases, permission is needed from the Environment Agency or SEPA but not with our BoatKleen product!

A uniquely appropriate and effective cleaner to use on boats and yachts of all types where the harmless run-off may make its way into a water course. Care of or owning a water course is a considerable responsibility. In this case in the Western Isles shown on this link the HSE fined a local authority when children got chemical burns; the time is coming when many of the caustic killing chemicals will likely be illegal.

Some typical uses for this versatile and innovative eco-friendly boat hull cleaner chemical are at yacht clubs as a hull cleaner to remove dirt and bird lime, at marinas and by harbour masters to remove marine algae from slipways and steps and inhibit regrowth. BoatKleen will lengthen the time between needed cleans of your boat and will mean you do not need an environmental permit.

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