Stone Cleaning Products - Eco-Friendly Cleaner Chemicals

Our eco-friendly stone cleaning products include the innovative and ultra-safe pH-neutral BuildKleen and StoneKleen natural stone cleaner that is certified food-safe and will not damage natural stone. Priced between £24 and £155, these detergents are available as both concentrate or ready-to-use RTU products in 5 litre, 20 litre or 10 litre jerrycans or as a 1000 litre IBC if desired.

These eco-friendly stone cleaning chemicals for granite, sandstone, or limestone, are not caustic, corrosive, or acidic and contains no biocides, acids, or bleach, and users need no PPE at all. We also supply professional exterior cleaning equipment, flat surface cleaners, brushes and pressure washers. Download the StoneKleen SDS data sheet here.

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