BoatKleen Boat Cleaner


Boat cleaning can be an arduous task so help yourself and your colleagues by using BoatKleen, a superb boat cleaner chemical that is non-toxic and non-hazardous with powerful cleaning action to remove stains, dirt and algae from hulls, decks, seats, and canvas.

Boat Cleaner

Using nanotechnology, where tiny energy packages get underneath the dirt and algae to loosen it off and leave a super-clean surface, BoatKleen boat wash solution contains:

  • No bleach or sodium hypochlorite.
  • No biocides or disinfectant, all-natural and safe for any marine or aquatic life.
  • No strong acids or caustic alkalis.

Safe For Any Aquatic Environment

This makes it a uniquely appropriate and effective boat cleaner for boats and yachts of all types where run-off may make its way into a water course. Care of or owning a watercourse is a considerable responsibility.

BoatKleen is part of the popular marine algae remover family of chemicals but is sold as ready-to-use (already diluted) and is an excellent choice for fighting biofouling and keeping a fibreglass hull in top condition Also used as an exterior stone cleaner product by mariners and harbour masters wishing to care for the environment while using a product without any biocides in it.

We can also supply a simple drill brush as this can be handy for helping to remove stubborn dirt, you can buy BoatKleen here.

Boat Cleaner

Typical uses are at yacht clubs as a boat hull cleaner and hard surface cleaner to move dirt and bird lime, at marinas and by harbour masters to remove marine algae from slipways and steps and inhibit regrowth.

BoatKleen boat wash will also notably lengthen the time between cleans, why not watch our video ‘How To Clean A Slipway’ below?

You can read useful guidance on the use of slipway cleaning chemicals on the GOV.UK website.

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Boat Cleaner