Cladding Cleaner Detergent


RoofKleen is an eco-friendly cladding cleaner detergent that cuts through algae, dirt, grease, and traffic film on cladding with minimal use of pressure washers being needed and complete safety in drains or watercourses. The cladding will tend to stay cleaner for longer due to the action of nano energy lifting off the soiling for a deeply cleaned surface for less ‘purchase’ for traffic film or algae organisms.

Cladding Cleaner

Environmentally sound (even in a watercourse) and safe for cleaning professionals or DIY folks and, pets, grass, and plants, this is a non-toxic and non-hazardous cladding cleaner.

Download the RoofKleen SDS datasheet here. 

If you are wondering what is the best thing to clean cladding with? Then give us a call on 01324 309100. Available in 20-litre jerry cans, persons using this product do not need any PPE items and the chemical is odourless, pH neutral, with no acids, no caustic alkalis, no biocides, no bleach, or sodium hypochlorite solution.

Cladding Cleaner

The chemical is also ideal as a roof cleaner to keep algae and dirt under control. It is delivered at a ready-to-use dilution rate but if the job you are on does not have very heavy soiling you can water it down as well.

We supply both a concentrated version for contractors and useful equipment for cleaning large areas like the flat surface cleaner in this video:

How Does It Work?

RoofKleen works by using nano-size energy packages which break the surface tension between dirt and the substrate to lift off the soiling. This is in contrast to the majority of chemicals that rely on sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or biocides that aim to kill the green growth and are certainly not odourless!

This cladding cleaner is made here in the UK and by using a unique formulation, we can offer a genuinely all-natural and very safe detergent that is powerful and yet safe for aquatic life if it gets into a water course.

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Cladding Cleaner Detergent

Best Methods Of Applying

Using a pressure washer can be helpful to assist the cleaning action of the agent and remove loosened dirt or just a garden hose or similar. Apply the cleaner solution by pouring, with a long-reach brush/hose, or from a low-pressure sprayer, saturate the surface well and then agitate with a brush.

Spraying or brushing on with a reach and wash system works well, ideally, wait 5 minutes before rinsing off the dirt with plenty of cold water. A second application is sometimes required.

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