BuildKleen is the eco-friendly fascia cleaner chemical in our range of chemicals and fascia cleaning products that is perfect for soffit cleaning. It is ideal for quick and safe cleaning of all fascia and soffits and finishing off cleaning guttering that have suffered dirt and algae growth. This cleaning takes place in an environmentally friendly and safe manner that protects you, pets and plants.

Fascia Cleaner

This non-toxic and non-hazardous fascia cleaner chemical is something of a first as its cleaning action is not biocide or disinfectant based; it is a great addition to our fascia cleaning products range.

It is delivered in 5 litre or 20 litre containers and operators using it do not need any PPE. Nearly odourless, pH neutral, and with no acids, no caustic alkalis, no biocides, no bleach, or sodium hypochlorite. BuildKleen is perfect as a soffit and fascia cleaner, roof, or cladding cleaner chemical at ready-to-use dilution; surfaces treated with it tend to resist fresh build up of algae and soiling because the surface is left very clean.

How Does It Work?

BuildKleen works by using nano-size energy packages which break the surface tension between dirt and the substrate to lift off the soiling from fascia’s and soffits. The majority of exterior cleaning chemicals rely on sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or biocides to kill the green growth which means considerable precautions are needed and run off can be dangerous, especially in aquatic environments.

Fascia Cleaner Products

By using a unique formulation, we can offer an all-natural and very safe soffit and fascia cleaner product that is powerful and indeed is even safe if it gets in to a water course. With many cleaning agents the large particles are removed from the substrate, but smaller ones are left. Because of the penetration of the nanoenergy particles in BuildKleen, this cleaner liberates much more soiling and thus leaves a super-clean surface.

Careful use of a pressure washer on low pressure can be helpful to remove loosened dirt and algae or just a garden hose. Remove as much moss as possible if present and apply the solution with a brush, or from a sprayer, saturate the surface well and then agitate with a brush or sponge.

On cladding spraying works well and the cleaning benefits from more than one coat, ideally wait quarter of an hour to an hour before rinsing off the dirt. Please watch our simple guide video on how to apply cleaner. And you can buy the product online here.

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Fascia Cleaner Chemical